This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

This is truly something to behold. With it's jet black exterior, super clever design and incredibly high quality of , this is sure to blow your mind.

Inside, the home is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Constructed by couple Matt and Lisa, this has absolutely everything the young couple needs and many extras on top! As far as tiny home's go, this one is especially and packed full of clever smalls space design ideas.

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If you're a fan of modern downsized architecture, this tiny home is sure not to disappoint. Enjoy the full video tour of this spectacular .

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langsyton

Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. I absolutely love this tiny, the taller ceilings, the space inside but especially the cat run and outdoor space. I am looking and hoping to have my own tiny in the next couple of years and have two precious kitties that myself and two children hand reared from day one. So they are purely indoor cats. I would like them to be able to go outside but be safe also, this is what I envisioned for them.

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I would love this exactly, including the land. Many features I’ve never seen before. Kudos to them.

  3. Holy shit, this is
    just mind-boggling. Everything seems perfect, I really love the floor transition, what a great idea.

  4. The design, interiors and the couple’s hardworking is mind blowing. Who would call it “tiny” ? The price mentioned was unbelievable ?. The house must be really LIVING up to their expectations. A very unique n one of it’s kind ???.Thanks for sharing this exquisite design.

  5. This is absolutely the tiny house of my dreams!! Thank you for sharing. I would love to know if your design plans are available for purchase.

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