Three Tiny Houses we are building right now!

A quick tour of 3 California Tiny Houses being built in our shop that were featured at the last . We have different custom models being built all the time, so don’t miss the next one!
8’x20′ loft landing, 10’x24′ three bedroom, 8’x24′


  1. how does the window behind you at 6:00 in to the video qualify for a exit? looks to small and the landing is too high?

    • you might want to recheck the codes because it look to small and the landing on the window at 6:00 looks way to high. plus the stickers usually are centered at the bottom like every other RV. Are you guys RV certified builders?

    • By code…

      The minimum egress window opening height is 24” high.

      The minimum egress window opening is 20” wide.

      Mind, the guy in the video is 6′ 6″ tall… So he’s larger than average, which is roughly 5′ 9″ for the US male population…

      While a emergency egress is required to be put into the loft, as it’s more important someone can escape the fire than how high it is but when hanging from the window your feet should be only about 3 feet, or less in his case, from the ground when you let go, which should be a manageable drop height for most people to handle.

      Don’t know if they are RVIA certified, not mentioned on their website but there’s not much mentioned on their website besides a short summary of who they are and what they offer… Anything else and it looks like you’ll have to contact them to find out…

  2. Last video was from 3 years ago!! Thank you so much for the new videos. Please post the end results!!!! I’m close to Fresno CA I would love take a drive and see the homes.

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