Timber Frame TINY HOUSE Built by Couple Wanting Better Life

Edwin and Clara built a timber Tiny without any prior experience, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Now they live off-, spend more time in nature, and have achieved their dream life!



ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/


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  3. Amazing job overall, plus, your solar trailer is great. You can easily realign it to take advantage of the Sun’s path throughout the year.

    Curious if your gas line & electrical are grounded and bonded, in case of lightening, etc. Especially since you have a metal roof and other metals in your construction.

    I saw news reports about how *lighting – even if not a direct hit* – can cause an arc, leading to a pinhole in a gas line…..leading to a house fire.

    Good video at News 4 (WOAI) San Antonio, title: “Hidden fire danger may be in your house”

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