TIME LAPSE Tiny House Build (Art cabin/studio-Putnam, CT)

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Derek “Deek” from Relaxshacks.com shares a time lapse video that was taken by Ann and Steven Monteiro during a hands-on Tiny House Building Workshop that Deek, and his brother Dustin, held in Putnam, CT at “The Empty Spaces Project”- a gallery with the intent of revitalizing abandoned storefronts and bringing art to the small town of Putnam in “The quiet corner of CT”.

This art cabin/, which could easily be converted into a tiny house with a small bathroom add-on, insulation, and wiring, was in just three days, collectively, by the workshop students.

Deek and Dustin have built numerous art gallery , from MA to Fargo, ND, and in locales as far away as in Australia.

To check out their upcoming workshops- www.relaxshacks.com


  1. +Kharyn R. No plans, but to add insulation, elec. and plumbing, doesn’t
    really call for plans- esp. as each set-up (within) might differ, depending
    on the user. If you need some details/info, I’m sure I could give you some
    loose measurements, etc- but it was somewhat a free-form build with a lot
    of donated and recycled materials….. thanks for the kind words too!

  2. +IAN MANSELL Thing is- code will vary- in certain regions of the country,
    you can do this, and if its just going to be an artists out-building, you
    most certainly can. I’m a big fan of Renegade building, so that’s a bit
    where I’m sometimes coming from. I’ve also built a ton of code-worthy
    structures in the past, but each project is going to be dictated by what
    the client wants/asks for ultimately, what its going to be used for, the
    time frame, and what the budget is. All in all, the video is merely
    supposed to be fun and to give people a few aesthetic and design ideas here
    and there. We’re all doing to differ on what works, what looks good, and
    what fits a certain climate, or use/intent. Many of the tiny house videos
    that go viral, bore me to tears, so we’re all different in what we’re
    gunning for. Anyway, thanks for checking in- have a good one! This
    structure isn’t done= phase 2 happens during a re-installation next year
    with this gallery….

  3. +Derek Diedricksen Yes, agree totally. But some materials are simply not
    suitable, like with corrugated clear plastic which while aesthetically nice
    used on out buildings/ porch & garage roofs isnt practical or ever going to
    meet code as a single barrier external cladding for a tiny house. Having a
    wall of reclaimed windows would though. Remembering though I define a tiny
    house as meeting code esp with regards to major habital aspect except with
    regards to space implicating requirements (room size, railings on stairs /
    window heights from floors not in safety glass etc etc).

  4. +IAN MANSELL one’s opinion, and thanks for sharing it/checking it out. I do
    try to remind people that even small studios, sheds, or cabins, with barely
    any creativity, and little money, can all be VERY easily converted to full
    time living with insulation, an add-on bathroom, and very few other things-
    been done 1000 times. That wasn’t the aim here (in only 2.5 days), but this
    structure will continue to be worked on, and added to/upgraded….. perhaps
    with some of those things….

  5. +IAN MANSELL agreed- although the square foot definition of tiny often
    varies- its the most cliche question asked by interviewers, and the one
    that seems to get a wide variety of answers- some say 300 and under, or
    400, etc….

  6. A 1000sq feet house simply isnt tiny. They are just small houses (and were
    the standard starter size houses in the 1970s). Tiny houses are really
    under 500sq ft which requires all sorts of solutions to solve the space
    issue. Families should simply look to decrease their footprint to live as
    small as possible and take up the ideas from the tiny house movement, its
    silly to see people get effectively 2 tiny houses and think they have a
    tiny house still. My take is a family should aim for 100sq ft per person
    with an additional 100 sq ft overall. Hence a 4 person family into a small
    house of 500 sq ft etc.

  7. +Alex Harper It really has- tiny houses are getting bigger and bigger as
    the idea becomes more mainstream, and there are many new sites popping up
    like “smallhouseswoon”….. as opposed to tinyhouseswoon….. definitely
    lots out there!

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