Tiny A-frame cabin built in 7 days for cheap! Off-grid oasis

Jack and Riley built an off-grid A-frame cabin for just $2500 in 7 days! Take a and learn why they wanted this off-grid oasis.

Tiny A-Frame Plans:


Jenna Kausal

Jack Steward

Marcia Trader

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Two
1:17 Deciding to build a tiny A-Frame
2:03 Build process
2:41 Total cost
2:56 What is the cabin used for?
3:33 Cabin dimensions
3:57 Exterior
5:15 Bathroom set up
6:02 Come inside!
6:30 Electricity in the cabin
7:25 Sleeping in the cabin
8:45 Cooling and heating
10:39 Kitchen
12:39 Storage and safety features
13:35 Couch/lounge space
14:27 Why is it so small?
15:01 Future plans
15:28 Stay tuned for a Micro Tiny Travel Cabin
15:41 Outro

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  1. What a wonderful little getaway home! I could easily spend a week chilling in such a charming space for a week – or until your parents found me and kicked me out! 🤫

  2. 😀I absolutely love it !!! This is the ultimate ultimate TINY Home
    Really TINY Home but like I always say. It’s all you need … complete with the whiskey !!! Yep…that’s All you need 🤣🤣. Good job
    Oh and super congrats on the new one on the way …how cool is that !!🙏❤️

  3. So cute, 4Patriots has Solar batter pack have a few works great.. Can’t wait to see travel tiny home ! Good luck & God Bless

  4. I love it! I don’t know if Riley is originally from a colder state, but she gets credit for embracing Minnesota winters! It looks so toasty and comfy, just the way it should be!

  5. Nice to see Jack on here. I loved his TV show (with Colten) called Rock the Park. I’m so happy for his beautiful bride and their upcoming daughter. Oh, and, the cabin is super nice too!

  6. Very cute!!! I’m at a age in my life if all there is to use, is outhouses and buckets it makes all the other comforts obsolete!

  7. I love that they featured your tiny homes in our beautiful state of Minnesota!!! I’ve enjoyed following along! Your embracing winter…I just can’t the older I get! But enjoy your adventures😁Very nice!!!

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