Tiny cabins in VA’s woods to slow down & resync inner clock

Is the “simple ” the ideal vessel for disconnecting from modern life? Friends Jon Staff and Pete Davis have placed dozens of tiny houses on wheels in the woods within driving distance of Boston, New York City and Washington DC. “The ”, explains Staff, “reminds us of a time when we didn’t have to respond to something within an hour, let alone 24 hours, when we didn’t have to do conference calls on our vacations.”

Believing that context is everything, the founders don’t offer, and actively discourage, too much activity (there’s no kayaking, swimming, skiing). Instead, they offer a cell phone lockbox, acres of nature, tips for “forest bathing”, wildflower scouting and campfire making. “We are actually trying to regain the idea of boredom,” proselytizes Staff, “And what happens when you push through that. There’s research that shows if you push through that magical things happen.”



  1. ☝️ Keep in mind this IS a business for him & his business partner. They are selling an idea & intend to make money. Not everyone wants to live like this permanently, so this is a terrific option for a day or a few days. You will need income from your job to be able to afford to pay his company those kind of prices per night. For some people it’s a worth it, for others it’s a stretch & for others it’s out of the question. To each their own. Wishing everyone measure of peace & joy. 🤗💞🤗

  2. Pricey, but I think the deal is that there are many people who can’t camp — if they tried they would spend a few grand on gear and be frustrated trying to use it on a 2 day getaway. Case in point: The couple locked their keys in their cabin… in the middle of the woods. There’s nobody to steal your things, but the habit remains. The obvious goal is to turn the anxious thoughtlessness into intentional thoughtlessness for the purpose of relaxation.

    Some folks may be the best software developers or data analysts but not have a clue how to start a fire or how to relax lol but it’s true! It seems that they offer a different sort of concierge to have guests attempt to relax by doing as little as possible, Im sure folks enjoy it, and I imagine that many more similar sites will pop up as tinyhomes/cabins become more refined and cheaper to mass produce (ironic…)

    Having grown up in a rural area middle of nowhere forest I remember my ears ringing from silence. After moving to a small town to work I forgot that tinitis was a thing until coming back to visit. There really is a sound of silence and it IS a deafening roar. It’s possible to affordable live like this, but we’re all tempted to try to do “better.” Better for some is having an home in the woods on an awesome creek with a huge garden, but many sacrifice ability to produce great income as a result. We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to choose our lifestyles, and I think it’s great that he’s offering a temporary option geared toward urbanites while producing some honest income, building assets, that’s honest work to me. Thanks for the videos, cheers!

  3. Needless to say, in the world that we live in this gives one something to think about or at least ponder where do our values lay… ✌️

  4. Kirsten, Every time I think you have made your best vid yet, you go and outdo yourself.

    I totally would save to go down there from NH. Oh, how I would. How healing.

    It’s been said by others, including me, that it’s so enjoyable and lovely seeing you do your artistry as you take shots.

    I’m always curious who is the genius that directs and/or captures those moments…hmmm….💜

  5. For the people that know how to camp, make fire etc. this concept is pretty strange. But for many people in the city this a good way to learn how to camp and re connect with nature. I live in a forrest and think it is positive and also a bit funny: ‘MyFirstCampfire’ ; )

  6. Whatever the concept may seem, or be, this video has provoked. Thoughtfulness? Ideas? Criticism? Irritation @ sales pitch? I think it’s worth watching again, and realising there is more to it than a video brochure.

  7. Hi Kirsten, I really enjoy Your videos. They could become just a smidge more succinct, however. Thank You for the work You put in every time.

  8. What s simple, beautiful & genius business these guys have stumbled onto. And what an amazing gift they are giving their guests! Fantastic!

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