Tiny Earthship Style Cabin Built with Recycled Tires & Green Roof

This mini -style cabin is built with recycled and glass bottles, cob, and a gorgeous . It's a 1-room cabin so the bedroom, , and dining room are all in one open concept space. The bathroom is the only thing that is separate from the living area.

While this cabin looks a lot like an earthship, the design does not include all 6 principles of an earthship, as outlined by Michael Reynolds: https://www.earthshipglobal.com/#

This cabin is indirectly powered with solar, it's built with reclaimed and natural , and it has a passive solar design. It does not collect rainwater, produce food or treat grey and black water.

We visited this during a recent trip to and were excited to see such a neat space surrounded by inspiring projects and other structures. It has a natural pool/pond, trails, a yurt, a home, a yoga studio, dogs, chickens, horses, and a cat, as well as extensive gardens and fruit trees. A beautiful space/eco- to visit for sure!

If you would like to learn more about this mini earthship, check out:

Quinta Ecosophia:

Reforestation Project:

Beatroot vegan food:

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Photos of the earthship cabin build provided by Denise from Quinta Ecosophia


  1. 3:30. Solar panel connected to the national grid is a perfect idea for a summer house. It probably provides more energy to the grid than the house needs (perhaps).

  2. If the overhang went out another 6-8 ft the Summer sun would be minimized greatly. This one feature would make a huge difference.

  3. In my opinion, if you have access to a grid that has a non renewable source, that’s the best way to have solar pannels. It’s simpler, you never run out of power and you don’t need batteries (which you have to replace every 6 years… not really ecofriendly).

  4. Wonderful! A murphy-style bed on the flat section of wall where the dresser and red chair are would be perfect. Then you’d have room for a sofa.

    I love the idea of a community like that. Thanks for the tour.

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