Tiny home packs storage stairs, 2 lofts, tub in 136 sq ft

Julie Olson wanted  a vacationing home for her mobile dog obedience company. With no architecture guidance, she drew up plans for precisely what she desired and sent them to Dietz of Molecule Tiny Homes. Over a number of months he developed her home to her specs: a fold-out porch, storage , 2 (1 for sleeping, 1 for storage or 2 sleeping quarters), a slim closet, and a toilet with tub, composting bathroom, tiny sink and escape window/door for viewing nature.

The 136-.-foot home can run totally off grid with rooftop photovoltaic panels, photo voltaic batteries, a tank and a tankless water heater. Total charge was $45,000, however Dietz says you might bring that down by about half should you construct  it your . Part of the rationale small homes on wheels charge even more per square foot is when you consider that they require structural support to survive on the road. The home was developed in Santa Cruz, and it made its first journey over 3,000 miles to Maine the place Olson moved in together with her cats and canine to travel and study.

Molecule Tiny Homes: moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.com

Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/tiny-home-packs-storage-stairs-2-lofts-tub-in-136-sq-ft/

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