Tiny home packs storage stairs, 2 lofts, tub in 136 sq ft

Julie Olson wanted  a vacationing home for her mobile dog obedience company. With no guidance, she drew up plans for precisely what she desired and sent them to Jason Dietz of Molecule Tiny Homes. Over a number of months he developed her home to her specs: a fold-out porch, storage stairs, 2 lofts (1 for sleeping, 1 for storage or 2 sleeping quarters), a slim closet, and a with tub, composting bathroom, tiny sink and escape /door for viewing nature.

The 136-sq.-foot home can run totally with rooftop photovoltaic panels, photo voltaic batteries, a propane tank and a tankless water heater. Total charge was $45,000, however Dietz says you might bring that down by about half should you construct  it your self. Part of the rationale small homes on wheels charge even more per square foot is when you consider that they require structural support to survive on the road. The home was developed in Santa Cruz, California and it made its first journey over 3,000 miles to the place Olson moved in together with her cats and canine to travel and study.

Molecule Tiny Homes: moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.com

Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/tiny-home-packs-storage-stairs-2-lofts-tub-in-136-sq-ft/


  1. The video plays on mobile devices, but is audio only on the web so I think
    it’s a youtube error. I am looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

  2. It should be working now. I assume it was a youtube processing error since
    it just started working fine with no change on my end. Am hoping all is
    fine now.

  3. See, how people are impatient for new episodes? No wonder!! Awesome
    channel, thank you so much! Humanity at its best!
    PS Google needs some time to process all uploaded videos. Patience, dear
    friends :)

  4. I don’t understand where you would put these. Don’t laws prohibit them most
    places? Where could you put them for long term use? I love them.

  5. It’s working for me now :). Thanks Kirsten, I really enjoy your videos and
    it’s actually helped me survive living in what some people call a ‘tiny
    house’ (even tho compared to these videos, it’s more than enough to suite
    my needs).

  6. It should be working now. I assume it was a youtube processing error since
    it just started working fine with no change on my end. Am hoping all is
    fine now.

  7. Another awesome video, Kirsten…I really appreciate the thoughtful
    engineering that went into these homes. Thank you again for showing us
    what is possible!

  8. Impressive. The only thing I could see being an issue would be the water
    hook ups in cold weather but that could easily be fixed depending on the
    climate. I think I could live in this somewhere in the mountains away from
    the rest of the world.

  9. Very nice. But I’m not so sure if I would want to ride around with this for
    an extended period of time. I imagine that the shape isn’t really
    aerodynamic and thus it will handle poorly on the road. Also, wood is quite
    heavy, so fuel consumption will go up compared to the plastic ones.

  10. The egress door in the shower seems kinda silly, though I’ll admit the
    biggest concern I’ve ever had about tiny houses is safety, especially when
    so many tiny houses have those tiny fireplaces. If I ever get a tiny house,
    I’ll want big windows and such, and as much fireproofing as I can get.

  11. Love all your videos, Kirsten! I think this is the best design so far. Love
    the tub, skylight and esp the staircase for us older folks who cannot climb

  12. I love this house. I love the light. I love the storage under the stairs,
    though I wouldn’t have had all those little doors, probably would have gone
    with a fabric closure, like on a boat.

    They could have saved weight by having shelves instead of doors.

    But it is the first time I’ve heard mention of hurricane tie down straps,
    which is a concern I have about tiny houses up on trailers.

    Does this one have heat?

    Kirsten, I love your videos. 

  13. Those are the slickest tony house stairs I’ve seen so far. And finally
    someone who doesn’t take up valuable trailer space for a porch! Well

  14. This is an extremely impressive design. Very few tiny homes have stairs in
    them! As nice as a vaulted roof design is, I wonder if a gambrel/barn style
    roof would be better in providing more head room?

  15. Kristen,
    Thanks for your work. Without your efforts to bring these tiny houses to us
    we may never see them. The video medium allows us to experience the
    “genius” of these houses. These videos give me hope and inspiration. I plan
    to eventually show all of you my a 1920s filling station project, but funds
    and time are not cooperating.

    John C. Bielik, 

  16. Nice video, and really great tiny house. Enough with the RV bashing though,
    these are basically RVs. Plus, many fans of tiny houses are also
    fans/owners of RVs, trailers, motor homes, etc. the way some these tiny
    house people attempt to insult RVs makes them seem pretentious.

  17. A very cool design!! For me, it is in my top 5!! Thank you Kristen for
    all the work you do to make these videos!!. They are my favorite videos to

  18. I see these things getting better … I think this dude is right-on about
    the stairs, and not just for old people. It gets old having to climb up
    and down a ladder very often.

    I don’t think the 3’x8′ loft really can be called a bedroom. That is
    stretching it quite a bit.

    I find it’s very nice to see these video and to see how these small houses
    are evolving. One wonders where it is going and where they will end.
    Perhaps someday!??? 😉

    Thanks for the videos.

  19. 0:54 that is a SERIOUS building code violation in most places, having the
    heater exhaust vent directly BELOW an operable window, toxic fumes from the
    heater can be drawn into the unit through the open window. 

  20. wonderful design. the prices are high, but having it made instead of
    building it is what doubles the price, but these are well made so i think
    its would be worth it if you can afford it. i would make it a few feet
    longer to add a washer/dryer, but its not a primary residence. so thats
    not important to her.

  21. I am addicted to these videos. When I go to grad school, I am for sure
    going to buy/build one of these to limit my costs for my first few years!

  22. Is there any video of inside the big ‘tiny’ house? I’d love to see that one
    Love the deck rather than losing interior space

  23. Finally, a tiny house with a fire exit.

    One thing that has always worried me about these awesome little houses is
    the lack of extra exits.

  24. If you went with a flat roof you could put in clerestory windows and get a
    much more contemporary look and more CUBIC footage. Don’t know about the

  25. I must say, this is the best design by far of this tiny home concept.
    I love it!!!! Great design Julie Olson, you inspire me :)

  26. Jason Dietz, you rock man. I just looked at your blogspot and OMG you have
    a lot of tiny homes already build. I love all of them lol. ALL!!!
    I would love to see a preview of every single one of them. You hear me
    Kirsten? hint hint :)

  27. yeah I love it, I have been helping a friend building tiny homes here in
    South Australia and i think its the future 🙂 (shared & Liked)

  28. I love so many of the places I see here for so many reasons! This is place
    is fantastic as well and I would love to live in something like that
    someday. Keep up the great work :)

  29. I’ve seen other tiny homes like this (mostly in video form), but would this
    work in places like Wisconsin? We have some cold winters…especially this

  30. hi kirsten its a pitty we dont have these in ireland i would to have one
    but im only 15 but we do have solar panals and irish spring mineral water
    from our well keep up the tiny house videos 

  31. He did not address the heating issue. This might be ok in Cali, but it is
    not going to cut it in the cold of Maine. The solar capacity is going to be
    grossly inadequate in the higher latitudes of Maine. The soldering on the
    plumbing looks to be on the crappy side. Nice job overall, but I think it
    needed a little more thought put into it, in some areas….

  32. I love this house! It would be perfect for me and my husband and our 2 boys
    if you just made the other loft a little bit bigger. Also I really love his
    idea of adding a little rooftop deck!

  33. I understand everyone needs to make a buck but there is no way I would pay
    someone 25-90k for something you could build yourself. The reason most have
    thought about going this route is the fact we cant afford 25 let alone 90k.
    Because its a niche industry we are going to charge triple per square foot.
    I mean 90 percent of the people really interested in a space like this want
    to be able to own their home. 

  34. This is totally fabulous!!! How can one get a copy of this video? I’m
    saving for my tiny house and this really covers so many of the things I

  35. “Be-kinda-comes.” That was fantastic. Like “A-whole-nother.” I bet there is
    some linguist out there who is studying those.

  36. This is the favorite of any of the small homes I’ve seen. The only thing
    missing is a stove, and I guess you could get a counter top two burner.
    Really really nice design though and great storage space! Even has a tub :)

  37. It is really generous of him to mention that anybody with knowhow can build
    this tiny house for $10,000.00 to $18,000.00. This is not a fly by night
    builder. The house is packed with details. I like the skylight beside the
    solar panel for easy cleaning. 

  38. Kirsten your videos have changed my life perspective and liberated me
    giving me a sense of freedom. Thank you so much for your work.

  39. This is really nice. Could you point me to a tutorial on putting the power
    together please? What batteries would you recommend please?

  40. The bit about having a CDL-A to drive it.. I’m not exactly sure that is
    true because it is a recreational vehicle. Much like driving a RV with air
    brakes is non- CDL. I’ll have to check my manual again, but I’m not exactly
    sure that’s true.

  41. It’s cute and romantic and the humility is admirable but it’s humble to a
    fault. You end up devoting your whole life to making sure you live cramped
    when you could have lived like a king relatively in a cheap apartment.
    When you don’t even have a toilet then what freedom do you really have.

  42. You guys are making some insane margin charging those prices! The small one
    shouldn’t be more than $8,000-$10,000 if you did it yourself.

  43. I saw an craigslist ad for 7 12’x4’x4′ shipping crates with latching doors.
    I could’ve purchased them for around $500 all together and made a decent
    place to live out of them. 4 of them would have made a a decent little
    8x8x12 house with three crates to spare for additional space or to make it
    a nearly 2.5 story structure. Unfortunately I have neither land nor the $$
    to buy them, let alone make a house out of them.

  44. Wonderful plan – really like the stairs as well as the storage in them –
    very trick. Handy skylight to be able to clean solar panel! Thanks for
    sharing this.

  45. Beautiful tiny home. One of the best I’ve seen. If I were left enough to
    live in such a home, I’d want to keep furniture to a minimum too.

  46. Very nice build. The only problem I see is that with the materials used,
    this small house is probably quite heavy compared to an RV.

  47. “Stains are really toxic” but mineral oils are not. Do your research
    before speaking. someone said it was green therefore it must be. I give
    up………plz don’t reply. I love watching dogs chase their tails

  48. I have a question about moving these tiny houses.If you move these a long
    ways or on small,curving roads does, or can it do any damage to the
    structure or anything else?

  49. Best design for a tiny house on wheels so far. I would like a tiny
    permanent house just like it, with a small wood burning cook stove. Would
    love the zoning laws to allow for permanent structures like this. 

  50. Nice house & design. My only concerns are the kitchen & bath. The constant
    moisture is going to affect the wood. Especially, in the bath where the
    wood overlaps the tub from the toilet. It’s certain. 

  51. i love this design and the other designs. I feel that with people who are
    homeless and need homes this would be ideal. It could help people who need
    homes and people who are retired or widowed as well. GREAT JOB

  52. Just wondering how that hot water heater held up in Maine in the winter. I
    have seen when the heaters are placed on the exterior, they break during
    the winter.

  53. I’m looking for that video of the couple using the headset that picked up
    brain impulses to create music and can’t find it though it wasn’t long ago.

  54. The only people who have a problem with circumventing unlawful property
    codes are the morons who are just jealous that you didn’t go through the BS
    they did. Typical California/NYS style idiocy. 90% of property regulations
    and 100% of private property taxes are unlawful, thusly they are void and
    can not be enforced.

  55. I can’t help but feel that all the exposed plywood would get damaged in
    rain etc. without varnish/paint. Nice house though!

  56. I think drawers would have been much better under the stairs than cupboard
    doors b/c it would have provided more easy access to the spaces, just pull
    the drawer out and everything is visible… whereas this version you have
    to hunch over or get on your knees for the lower cupboards and peer into
    the spaces.

    Rounded corners on the kitchen counter top would have been more ideal to
    prevent injury in such a confined space.

    Why do they always style these tiny mobile homes into quaint little A-frame
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cottage homes for the traditionalists? Why
    aren’t there versions that are more contemporary home types with clean
    lines, curvilinears, rounded corners, flat roofs which would create more
    space in the upper level, and so on?

    I wonder though about the glass used in the windows, if it’s really safe
    for dangerous road travel… RV and motor vehicle windows are of a high
    tempered standard and thickness due to road travel, whereas ordinary thin
    windowpanes for a house can easily break if used for mobility.

    Do they fire-retard all that flammable wood? Once, I saw a wooden RV
    explode into flames on the freeway when it was rear-ended by a truck.
    Nothing was left of it, just smoldering ashes. This really needs some
    sort of protective shock-absorbing bumper on the rear.

  57. I just simply love this little house!!!! I really would like to own and
    live in one just like this. Would you please contact me at
    jen19761983@hotmail.com with particulars, if you’re even are interested in
    building one of these for me. Thanks much

  58. I want one just like that, but a walkway from loft to loft:)and a lil wider
    , I’d need to get shorter steps too I have knee problems.I wonder what the
    weight on towing that is….

  59. This gentleman did an exceptional job on this RV alternative!
    I totally agree with all the points he makes here.

  60. In the beginning of this video he mentions that you really aren’t allowed
    to live in a tiny house…Why are there laws against doing so? They are so
    much more low impact on everything!…I just don’t get it! Why can’t people
    just live..There are far too many rules and laws in so called “modern

  61. this is awesome guys! I swear the older I get, the more I realize how
    little space I need to be truly happy. If we have love, the rest kinda’
    falls into place. I subbed, keep up the good work!

  62. I have to admit I like some aspects of this build and some things i would
    but the economy is not getting any better and living debt free would be
    thanks for sharing ..

  63. The exterior looks like mostly untreated wood. That’s fine when new, but
    how long does it last? Also, the exterior electronics don’t look very well

  64. wow! so great! I plan on getting a trailer in the next year and to start
    building. This small house movement gives me hope in an increasingly
    competitive world. cheap wholesome homes for humble people.

  65. okay this is EFFING amazing! wonderful, awsome! lovely! super! id live here
    no problem! i love the lofty style… and the solar. amazing! cost of a car
    pretty much. id buy it if i had the land and the money ha ha

  66. Terrible joinery and cabinet construction, I would expect better
    craftsmanship for what I am sure is a fairly expensive house $/sqft…

  67. English definition of “flexion”
    noun [U] /ˈflek.ʃən/ US /ˈflek.ʃən/ specialized

    › the act of bending an arm, leg, etc. or of tightening a muscle:
    After physiotherapy, the shoulder flexion significantly increased.
    hip flexion

    As you can see I don’t think many tiles will be performing this act..
    American malapropism much?

  68. i like the steps, unlike the common ones that is detachable, the top box
    under stairs is good to keep, meds and first aid kit

  69. Absolutely fantastic Kirsten, thanks for showing this one. Our little
    10×12′ shack in the bush with a 4′ covered porch is an oasis of quiet and
    peace. A couple bunks and a wood stove and it will keep you warm in the
    coldest weather Canada has to offer (insulated of course).

  70. I consider these homes a work of art. By far, this home is the best I’ve
    seen. Both the design and craftsmanship put it over the top in my
    opinion. Tiny home living is not for me but if I ever change my mind I
    think I would want to have this company do the building for me.

  71. Anybody that knows what tools would be needed to do a project like this
    feel free to fire them off at me. Thanks in advance 

  72. What size truck do you need to haul that trailer? (Sorry if this has been
    answered already, I am bad at searching with the new google comments)

  73. Great job on the house!!! We love our Tiny house been in it for just over a
    month and are moving it tomorrow for the first time pretty stoked!! Keep up
    the awesome work! Very inspiring! :)

  74. You can make tiny home apartments for people that really want or need a
    small affordable space, don’t necessarily need a “house” on a trailer. make
    them so they could live mostly off grid to keep the monthly spending to a

  75. These floor plans would be great inspiration for an urban apartment
    building with small yet financially/eco efficient and comfortable settings
    for young couples, college students, struggling actors etc.

  76. for a fold out deck, couldn’t you use pulleys instead of hydraulics? if the
    deck weighs 1500lbs(estimated), have a 9-10 block and tackle to bring that
    down to 150-160lbs of pull, totally achievable by most people since you’re
    pulling down, not up.

  77. This is awesome. I would love to park this outside my house as an office or
    guest house, or heck, rent out my house and live in this.

  78. home of the free… with a class c , valid place to park … and and and
    and and and and and and and and sorry but and and

  79. Clarification; no CDL is needed to tow this or drive any sized/weighted rig
    if it is for personal use. He’s talking about his guys in delivery.

  80. I just love the concept of tiny houses. We are currently working on an old
    1929-house and are busy with that for years. But who knows… :-). I hope
    you don’t mind if I grab some ideas ;-).

  81. Have you ever considered a strategy to link multiple units together? By
    being flexible and able to customize there may be a market for units that
    can fit in oddly shaped locations using 90 and 45 degree junctions.
    I think that these units are quaint, but also spartan at the same time. The
    placement problem for these units is no joke, and Santa Cruz is not where
    your market is. I think that there is more of a market for these in the
    Pacific Northwest than in California.
    In todays market $20k will get you over 700 sq feet of well appointed
    plastic, and that is your competition. I don’t even need to ask the price I
    can already tell that you are not going to beat mass production, and quaint
    will only get you so far. I think that my idea of being able to string
    multiple units together will satisfy a broader market and solve many an odd
    shaped lots development issues.
    I could say a lot more, but for now let me say good luck and God bless.

  82. How much does the moving cost? I live in Texas and me and my husband are
    looking for a home this seems like a good idea. I wonder if they would
    install a solar electrical system too

  83. Could these be pulled around like you would an average travel trailer? and
    pull it for weekend camping and during the week pulled back to you actual
    house. For a travel trailer alternative?

  84. I’d hate to see that pull up into a forest…because it’s so damn heavy. It
    should not be treated as a bloody camp trailer. The fuel consumption is
    crazy. The smaller model wouldn’t be as bad as that giant monster at the
    beginning, but it still weighs…significantly more than a comparably sized
    light weight trailer.

    But absolutely, it’s a lot more pleasant a place to live in.

  85. If only i had the money to do this. The only thing i would really need in
    this one is a desk. A fold up desk or even a table. Just something to use
    to eat or something. But I would really love one of these. I’m so tired of
    having to worry about material items. I guess I’ll start saving up now.
    Maybe in a few years i could own something like this. 

  86. Ok this is brilliant now to buy land in move my kids into one when out of
    college. Or since on wheels id say find me if you can. Worth the money.
    Wish they made these for homeless how comfortable would that be. 

  87. Another excellent video. Great to hang out with a maker of these houses,
    and get his take on the choices and costs involved.

  88. Nice. I would have done away with the bathroom sink to save space though,
    kitchen sink is right there for hand washing.

  89. I like this. I don’t know what the tiny house movement has against flush
    toilets, but the bathrooms are usually a turn off.

  90. Just wondering what something like this would go for ? I love it , I could
    definitely live in that full time off the grid some where !

  91. This is so beautiful. I want one of these so bad.
    Im only 21 years old but my boyfriend and i plan on living off grid, and
    self sustainable very soon. This is exactly what we both want, its

  92. Great project!
    also can someone tell me what is the footprint of this house (ground floor
    area)…or just the dimensions.

  93. just learned of this ! absolutely innovative and beautiful – I love it.
    Creative thought and actions are the best.Good Luck to your
    business…..you will succeed :)

  94. Really nice. It seems like the water though is not practical unless she is
    living in a very southern environment. In the winter your pipes would
    freeze on the outside and with no insulation.

    WANTING TO LIVE THIS WAY..sorry for the caps typed to much to back track

  96. My Great Grandfather build his trailer back in the 1920’s. It had an outer
    skin of Aluminum with beautiful handmade cabinetry and beds inside. The
    camper was sold to another family in the 1990s. Still rolling down the
    highways as far as I know.

  97. You don’t have an insulator between the copper piping and the wood , road
    vibration will surely wear a hole in the copper piping .
    I wonder what other BIG mistakes you made.
    Check the uniform plumbing code book.
    Yeah, I know its legally a trailer and not all things apply , but do it
    right .
    I didn’t see a smoke alarm either.

  98. Can anybody tell me where you live if you live in one of these homes? Of
    course you would be doing a lot of travelling, but if you just want to park
    somewhere for a night, or a week, or a year, where do you go? Is it legal
    to live permanently in these?

  99. Ok… this is by far the best mobile house… It has that modern feel and
    everything is being used!

  100. The most important thing about these tiny houses is, you can live free.
    Now, who hates freedom? It’s those who want us to live by their ideology. 

  101. I sure wish they rented these out to people on disability that use a walker
    and without the loft but a bedroom,

  102. We are building a tiny house at Green River comm. college Auburn wash. Its
    similar to this unit, solar, off grid..

  103. Does this guy live in a tree? He said the word toxic more than once. Does
    he use paint, and gas in his vehicle, etc?

  104. If you want a tiny house and your neighbors don’t then you pick a different
    place to put it. Tiny home communities are popping up all over.

  105. I have been thinking about this for a long time now…but my problem, being
    back east….where ever do you park it?

  106. Is there a height limitation on tiny homes? I love them but I am NOT a fan
    of lofts…so I want something similar to this one but with a much more
    height for the 2nd floor.

  107. Oh wow I think this is my favorite tiny house (that is actually super
    tiny) that I have seen so far! And aw that guy seems so nice, lol. I love
    this. :)

  108. think conversion instead of building from scratch. buy a tool shed. secure
    it on a trailer. then modify the tool shed with windows, etc. pay the
    carpenter on a per job basis. the conversion shouldn’t cost more than

  109. A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000.
    A luxury home doesn’t always necessarily mean thousands of square footage,
    towering great
    rooms and gilded toilets. Take these homes (Photo’s at website below) for
    example: to begin building one of these epic
    houses, all you need is $2,000. That $2,000 will buy you a shipping
    container. What you
    do with that shipping container… well, that’s completely up to you.
    Some creative people have found a way to transform this rudimentary “room”
    with metal siding into luxury housing that blows us away. These homes are
    – See more at:

  110. I am totally amazed and I love this! I want one! I would definitely take
    one of these to the beach to the RV park and enjoy a few days there.

  111. I pearsonaly think we need to live with what we need and this is all I need
    a roof over my head and no morgage its simple cozy and easy to matain :)

  112. Awesome video and great tiny house thank you for showing.

    I am wondering, How heavy is the second (smallest) tiny house shown in this
    video? I have a 5000 lb towing capacity, and I am interested in building a
    smilier sized model, and wondering if something this size would be

  113. I would love to see a engineer with solar panels and and a 5k budget make
    that little home completely efficient. 

  114. I dont like the fact that its made of wood, i would put a metal sheet or
    something over the wood to protect it. 

  115. Off grid very nice looking well planned out tiny house for $25k to $90k…I
    am very intrigued. Im thinking about buying an acre or 2 up in the hills
    and putting something like tis on it. Pay cash and bank my salary every
    year til retirement. I just have to get my wife on board with the idea of a
    tiny house.

  116. This video is not working and I am desperately in love with this particular
    tiny house and am dying to see it. Tried on both computer and mobile. Not
    working period. 

  117. I’ve never found any tiny home that was built at a reasonable price…
    $20,000 and up is outrageous, especially using any amount of recycled
    material. That is $100 per sq. ft. minimum in a 200 sq. ft. home, no way!

  118. I’m all for the small homes and off grid living, but the whole “fiberglass
    and resin toxins,” thing is hilariously stupid lol

  119. Are there really “RULES” or established “GUIDELINES” as to what constitutes
    a “Tiny Home”??? Because of weight, you do not consider that Tiny Home on a
    trailer to be “qualified” as a Tiny Home, as stated in the beginning of
    this video? If someone builds a 301.5-ft. home on a trailer that is wide
    enough to be legally transported down a road or highway and it weighs over
    10k-lbs; not considered a Tiny Home? If there is a book of rules and or
    guidelines on Tiny Homes, please send a link to where I can get one! Thank
    you for sharing the video by the way, agw.

  120. OMG I love this vid! I was looking for a tiny house with the stair option
    instead of the ladder and the solar panel thingy seems like a great
    investment. Do solar panels work well in the evening? where is the power
    coming from at night?

  121. I have a 12×25 shed I bought from a dealer, I feel like a huge homeowner
    compared to my smaller cousins, sorry, but I don’t get to brag much, my 45
    year old Son hates it, too bad eh?. Now I want a deck on the roof. Thanks
    For all your interior ideas.

  122. Yeah….modern society is pretty much exhausted….literally and
    figuratively…like the peeps that must live in them today.

    I have (5) years of college….and jobs even at this level of
    eju-ma-ka-tion are scarce….hence this growth…I would leave and help
    someone build their tinyhouse business if they needed someone to
    help….all tiny house builders appear to want to work alone however.
    First…I would find an experienced builder that I could “labor for” and
    have one built for me…then I’d work for that person or entity to build

  123. so far this is the only tiny house that has a skylight that I saw! This
    woman customer is smart. I have saw 5 tiny houses so far and this one is by
    far the best in making great use of space and has the prettiest interior
    design. Love the upper loft and skylight. I would prefer 2 skylights and
    less side windows. 

  124. im curious how much you guys charge for such a mobile home? could u please
    message me your prices, thanks

  125. I really like the storage under the stairway but another tiny home put the
    drawers in the steps, the drawer fronts were the stair risers and the
    drawers were deep and it was like a huge chest of drawers…

  126. I know the home owner is planning to use it for her business, but it seems
    she is also planning to live in it. I am wondering what she will be using
    for cooking purposes, as there was no stove/oven/hot plate shown or
    discussed. I love the design, and would like to see what it looks like
    after it’s been in use for a time. Thanks for posting!

  127. I can build the very same size mini house on a trailer for way less and the
    quality will be just as good or better. I can build one for under 5k and it
    will be as lush as a castle and loads of room. Plenty of utilized spaces
    and hiding spots and a full size, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 full bedrooms. 

  128. There a show on FYI channel (Tiny House Nation). That show you the in and
    out of living in a tiny house. They start with a building,show
    person/family how to pair down their stuff. They also ask what they want or
    need in there tiny house,end the end you see person/family tiny house and
    how their living in their new home. This new show give ideas for
    storages,pairing down,and just thinking outside the box with it’s come to
    living in a tiny house. I love the idea of tiny house living! I would love
    to have one of these tiny houses some day. I like the ideas of stairs with
    storages insted of a ladder, the little porch that fold up when not in
    use,a full bath with tub. You don’t see in most tiny houses. I’ld like to
    know where his company is and if he got a website.

  129. Just a question I’m just wondering why so many people have the A-frame roof
    when if you made a striaight roof you would get so much room and it would
    be the same height as the peak of the A-frame.. Is it an aesthetic thing?

  130. Liars… and manipulation, this is UN Agenda 21, this will NOT BE CHEAP,

  131. what size is the trailer you used for the house at the very end with the
    blue roof? and how much weight does the trailer have to be rated for? thank

  132. If she is going to be pulling this thing back and forth from Main to South
    Carolina, a good Air Stream would have been better (in my opinion!)

  133. The layout is great, but it looks so underdeveloped. If they added exterior
    wood paneling, laid sheetrock on the inside, and made a better countertop
    for the kitchen, it would look more like a finished product

  134. That Is So “AWESOME” , I Sure Want One , This Has Everything I Need , And
    Love It Has A Full Bath ~~ I Will Be In Touch ~~~

  135. If you put hinges on the bottom two steps, you could fold them up on
    themselves and it would be an awesome babygate!

  136. $4300 for a solar system that only produces what? 120 watts, going through
    1 small solar panel. What a rip off that setup looks more like $800, most
    of which are spent on the batteries. 

  137. I could not handle the “rise” for each step of the stairs (bad knees), but
    being elderly, must have stairs for my Tiny Home. Came up with a design
    for staggered steps that cut the “rise” in half and uses the same footprint
    on the floor. Love many things about this Tiny Home … appreciated the
    info about the solar power system.

  138. I get the idea of using a 5 gallon bucket for the toilet , but is there an
    option to use an rv park plumbing hookup instead?

  139. 136 that counts as really nothing in any state – not a park model – wait
    till – wait hurricane straps – ????????? 136 sq ft? my video will shoe tiny
    house – bathroom – that is toxic – compost your poop? dear God – if you are
    a criminal on the run – but poop and later mess with
    it????????????????????? really

  140. cook your poop in 136 sq ft – damn that is gross – a full grown man? he
    would fill that – ‘hey bill whatcha cookin in that tiny thing, smells like
    shit’ – ‘it is shit Bert’

  141. Love the design of these homes…..could you put a washer dryer combo and a
    full size fridge with a freezer into one of these homes?

  142. I dig the simplistic lifestyle stuff but can we cut the hippie “toxic”
    talk? Paints, stains, etc after they dry only continue releasing vocs for a
    few days or weeks and then they’re done for good. He said resins with a
    tone like it was a dirty word. Resin: 1.
    a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some
    trees and other plants (notably fir and pine). Particle board is toxic?
    It’s saw dust and glue, and just like paint or stain, after they dry and
    air out for a few days or weeks, glues stop releasing vocs too, and how do
    you think they got that wood building so sturdy? Glue. The wood paneling
    looks nicer and I like it, but lets not confuse issues, you don’t build
    with solid wood to avoid the toxic aura of particle board. You use solid
    wood, or true plywood so that it lasts longer and is stronger, and it gives
    you the look and feel you want for your home. Fiberglass is toxic? Get out
    of here, people build coral reef aquariums out of plywood and fiberglass
    the inside. If there was anything toxic about it, sensitive sea life would
    not thrive in it.

    Build a cool little house because it feels like home and you like it, not
    because of some ridiculous hippie ideas that are not based on common sense
    or science. 

  143. So many great ideas in this home!! I love it!! But I am confused about the
    water. Do you have to put water in it weekly/monthly? Does is recirculate
    and reuse the same water? 

  144. Wonderful but I need a little more than this square footage. Liked the
    staircase though and kitchen. Thought of a home like at Home Depot or a
    garage. This is better by far than a mobile home or RV. Kudos again for the

  145. “We tend to over build everything” …
    Those are pine legs for the deck with direct contact with the ground.
    Those pine legs will rot and blot in a matter of weeks.

  146. Exposed copper pipping. It will burst at the first sign of
    winter. Inadequate ventilation in the battery inverter cabinet. The
    inverter will fail in the summer.
    I want the tiny home industry to flourish, but I believe it may be better
    quality if people build them themselves.

  147. Great video !!
    I gives me a lot of ideas to think about.
    I own an 18′ car/utility trailer and want to use to as the running gear/
    transport unit to get it to a site.
    I want to design the mini Cabin to be removable from the car trailer verses
    large through bolts to hold it on while driving down the road.
    I would also need to consider the -40 degrees we get here in Minn. in the
    winter in the design and insulating of it as well as where to run all the
    plumbing so it does not get frozen in the winter months.
    I think I have come up with a way to build in lifting brackets to be used
    with removable jacks to lift it off the trailer when at the site and place
    it on the ground footings or timbers.
    I also want to build it in such a way that it can be expanded in size like
    modules and transported to the site one at a time.
    So as not to be in trouble with building inspection , I believe all
    trailer modules would need to be licensed as ” RV trailers”.
    What do you think?

  148. Over 10k weight needs a commercial driver license? This is a trailer and
    also a RV but not a powered vehicle. Also it’s 10k GVWR for a vehicle and
    not the curb weight. Which applies to the licensing of a vehicle in the
    state of California not the class of license to operate. Over 14′ tall
    needs a permit… Anywhere. Plywood doesn’t have glue? How did you seal the
    water use areas? $45,000 ??? I am a fan of the tiny house and all that it
    implies but if you are going to state something as fact and then proceed to
    charge triple the cost of materials obviously without a license to produce
    any of it… Damn.

  149. I am getting ready to embark on living in a tiny home, there is my hubby
    and our two furbabies. We are going to rent to own a storage unit and fix
    it up and live in it.

  150. It is very cool. I must say that 9 feet wide is intact considered a wide
    load that requires a placard. 8′ 6″ is max width for road use (including
    chains and binders).

  151. What about towing efficiency? There is no aerodynamic design to it! Is it
    like towing a wall? The fuel mileage must horrendous.
    Can you please comment on that? 

  152. Just an idea. . .make handle holes on the side of the bottom step so it
    lifts easier for people with arthritis, especially when full of “stuff”.
    Then make it fit secure on top of the next step as a barrier wall to kids
    and pets to keep them out of the bedroom loft area so it stays clean and
    organized the way you left it.

  153. why not have a house on two trailers??? like its in half & u just drive it
    to your spot align them & connect house frame & metal trailers into one
    giant sold house with whole roof covered in solar panels??? I would live in
    it,, like a 20′ by 35′,,, 2 bed room ,, nice size bath room & shower ,,
    good size kitchen,, all modern inside, like a 60inch flat screen tv on wall
    surround sound,, wifi,,,,I would live in it,, buy few acres of land, all
    debt free park that shit & chill

  154. HI … I live in a tiny house on land, not wheels, and have been looking
    for a tiny tub for 10 years now for a 5×7 bathroom. Can you share with me
    the source for your tiny tub and any specs about it. I need to redesign my
    bath to include one orig wanted a jap soak tub but they are way too
    costly. thanx for a gr8 presentation, so well done and informative.

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