TINY Homes At Home Depot Under 30K

an affordable home is really difficult but Home Depot maybe your next place to shop. Especially, if you are in the market for a home.


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  1. Home Depot needs to have several seats. They need to stick to what they have always done and quit being greedy.

  2. This is the 1st time I’ve found you your channel anyway you know anyway. You are a doll I have fun watching you.. The information is certainly helpful as help to as well it’s just I got to laugh out loud because it’s absurd the prices at home depot

  3. Why go through Home Depot? Because if you put it together and it’s all crooked, you can just throw it in the back of your Honda Yaris (use a sledgehammer to get it in there if ya’ have to) and schlep your crooked tiny hovel to the return counter for a full refund (w/ receipt..no store exchanges anymore)…no questions asked! Home Deeps return policy.

  4. I just built a 20×24 with a 12×20 coverd pourch. On slab,metalroof,2×4 studs insulated,
    I bedroom,one bath. Wood stove.
    For about 30k .
    Those prices are to high .

  5. 16 years ago I bought a 5000 square foot duplex for 40000. Wow how times have changed. Today you can buy a shed and call it a house for the same price. Pathetic

  6. $5k/month for a shell without a foundation, insulation, or electrical?! 😰😥😢😭  

    Looking forward to the update on the Vegas factory!!!!

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