Tiny House Bathroom Design Ideas for Days

We share an extensive round-up of #tinyhousebathroom design ideas. In tiny , bathrooms range from extremely rustic to high-end luxurious, and super compact or as spacious as possible. What do you prefer: a shower or bathtub? Bathroom sink or no sink? Let know in the comments!

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  1. One of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. In tiny houses, bathrooms range from extremely rustic to high-end luxurious, and super compact or as spacious as possible. Hope you enjoy this design idea roundup! See description for links to featured tiny homes. 👉 *And for tiny home kitchen design ideas, watch this:* https://youtu.be/VucewIPHtpM

  2. For me personally i like a large bathroom. I like the tiny house idea but i don’t think i would enjoy the very small ones. I’d probably get a large triple axle trailer and go from there. I understand that the smaller one’s are better for getting into tighter spaces in nature, but if it was intended to be a permanent place of living, i would want more space.

  3. Seems like a sink is overkill for a tiny house bathroom. Extra plumbing, takes up space and your main sink is probably less than 10 feet away in a tiny house.

  4. No sink in the bathroom and a shower wall. Also an outside shower as well. I also want a long sink made of cement, that I saw in one tiny home, that way even if u had dishes in the sink, you’d have plenty of room to brush ur teeth. Though I’d want a pot filler as my facet for the kitchen sink.

  5. Thanks for sharing! You’s always cover great topics! My vote would be a shower. Sink in the bathroom would be a bonus but definitely not necessary 🙂.

    • Appreciate it Leah! Think if we do a bigger tiny, we’ll opt for sink but haven’t really missed it in our current home 😊

  6. I just came to tell you I somehow missed the video about you on Bryce’s channel. I’m so pleased that you were in Vancouver! I live on Vancouver Island. It’s great to learn a little more about you. Going back to it now. With Love 💕

  7. The deep small bath is gorgeous… love to know more about water storage… disposal and heating options if you want to move the house

  8. Bathtub with shower extension and sink for the bathroom. If you don’t have the space for the standard sink, you could always install a flip up from an RV salvage or make your own version of that.

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