1. Thanks for covering this Deek. I think it stinks that blogs, pictures,
    videos, don’t often cover the bathroom in tiny houses, since many of us
    want to make a DIY tiny house.

  2. That toilet isn’t a lot different than just using a 5 gallon bucket. I
    separate the water myself with another bucket and do the same thing. Water
    my garden with the diluted mixture. Works great, especially with a hand
    full of wood ashes. Trees grew almost a foot last year.

  3. Love your tiny house. Its ingenious how you sunk in the tube and thats its
    multifunctional and a shower and bath. Really cool how you just stuck the
    fan behind the mirror. Was that glass or reflective metal? We may go a
    similar route in our tiny cabin once we build the add on bathroom?

  4. Ah I remember. Awesome house. And so lovely to see someone feeling so much
    pride in what they do so well. =) Great to get more detail. Thanks.

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