Tiny House Build For Any Weather

For sale here https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/four-season-canadiana

Canadiana tiny house was built in Montreal with cold weather in mind and to be a four-season, year round home.

“This beautifully designed, professionally built, four season tiny home will last you a lifetime! My vision, as I was researching for my tiny house, was to create a living space that was functional and comfortable, that felt light and airy but exuded warmth and most of all, maintained a constant connection with outside world. To this end, I opted for large, pane, argon filled on the ‘ground floor’ and clerestory windows at ceiling height to let in as much light as possible. Double french complement this feature. Most of the open to create cross-ventilation that keeps the house and well ventilated in the warm season. The house was also designed to be four season and built for the weather conditions of the Montreal area and to this end is very well insulated.”

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Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  1. I don’t like negative comments, but I have to agree. This was quite annoying, and a major turnoff. There was no information substantiating, what makes it weather-proof, and I have to shut it down, before I lose my mind.

    • Bonnie Cohen Same here. I couldn’t finish watching it. I also had to fast forward on the outside. While walking around the home, the bouncing of the camera made me motion sick.

  2. Asking way to much money, bc it’s not finished. Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes is selling tiny home completely finished & furniture in them & is selling them @ a lower price & you design your own tiny home. Plus he puts egress windows in @ no extra cost. So this is not a good buy. Check out Incredible Tiny Homes.com, Incredible Tiny Homes fb page, & Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube. You will not be disappointed…. TRUST ME!!! And I do not work for him either.
    Just save $$$$ in your wallet & check out Incredible Tiny Homes.

    • stilcrazychris yes I agree, Randy Jones builds better for less and they’re ready to move into. Even with the current exchange rate on the $ his are still a better bargain and you get to design it yourself with their assistance. INCREDIBLE TINY HOMES is the way to go.

  3. I really dislike critiquing the videography of these videos, but I couldn’t even finish watching this one. I had to fast forward through the demonstration of the outside of the home, because I was getting motion sick. The music irritated me. The weird angles added to the irritation.

    The worst offense though, was showing me a shell of a house. I get the concept of being able to pick colors still, but it didn’t appear to even have insulation yet.

    If I were a person who is ready to sell their big home to buy a tiny home, I’d skip over this one. I wouldn’t be able to imagine if my life could fit into this home.

  4. Yes yes, we see the windows already… and just a thought, you might want to actually finish this house before you show it. (And seriously lose that music!) Not impressed… Can you tell ??

  5. So…. Considering there is nothing in that house….. Did you really need to show it off sooooo slowly? It’s better than whipping it around fast tho.

  6. Sooooo… ssloooooooow… and wobbly and out of focus as well. It could become an interesting and pleasant dwelling, but we’ll never know since there is no explanation of anything in this empty and unfinished home. Perhaps you could do more video editing and offer some info with either voice or text.

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