Tiny House Builder’s MASSIVE Hobbit-like Luxury Tree House

Could you stay in this hobbit-like tree house located in the woods of Vermont. Built by Tiny House enthusiast and shed crafter Domenic Mangano of The , this “tiny house in the sky” features a kitchenette, sleep loft, and a HUGE deck- all almost 40′ off the ground below! Oh yeah, its also for SALE- WITH ten acres of land.

LOTS of other tiny house stuff below…

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  1. I would like to build something like this on my land.
    Just for fun in the summer, Live in the main house in winter.
    Maybe even use it as a off grid place to live if the power gos out.
    Was thinking about going total off grid, But i like indoor water plumbing.
    But like i said, Off grid fun in the summer.
    Can always walk to the main house.
    Best to have a creek for water just in case something gos wrong with the plumbing water.
    Even well water can have things go wrong.
    Always good to have a stream or creek on your land for back up.

  2. Hobbit don’t like being in trees or even on the second story on building. They live in holes, underground dwellings.

    Just read the book for the first time last week.

  3. This is a gorgeous place in a beautiful setting and HELL YES I COULD LIVE THERE!! BUT….I would have to do something about , “the facilities….” ‘cuz when I gotta go, I gptta go yesterday!! Thanx to the both of you for the sjare!! Peace…!!

  4. Six people in there? I have to admit; I don’t like being that close to other people for extended periods of time. An hour is all I could handle. It’s gorgeous. Though with my luck I would get struck by lightening in it. 🤗🤗

  5. when are you going to home depot and laying the smack down on the poor material and build quality of the sheds?
    i’m looking forward to that video 🙂

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