TINY HOUSE Built Affordably w/ Non-Toxic Reclaimed Materials

Andrea and Megan built a non-toxic House using mostly save costs.They did this so that they could afford live on a the expensive west coast while attending and teaching english.

Website: http://www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com

ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/




  1. From the looks of things.. I honestly thought we was gona turn around to a reclaimed clawfoot or galvanized horse bucket instead we got first glance of the herbs and oil closet 😩sure fooled me
    🙌 love your tiny content thanks for another lovely tour

  2. That floor is brilliant, kinda looks like a quilt pattern. Great use of leftover pieces. The different woods just add so much to this beautiful floor.

    • I agree. That floor is gorgeous!! It’s my favorite part and I loved a lot about this home, (AND it’s builder’s/creator’s….)….. I’m inspired to do my own creation with wood scraps! Thank you for sharing your gifts!💜

      I hope to visit Whitbey island, hopefully someday soon. It sure looks like a magical place! Gorgeous land your living on….do you guys ever have tiny home village visits/open homes/tours?? Is that weird to ask? Lol
      When you love tiny homes, you love tiny homes!!
      Thanks again for sharing your homes on here.

  3. Wish we are able to build our own place but unfortunately between money and health it’s a dream that will never happen, my husband quadruple bypass & pancreatitis keeps him immobile to an extent, monthly disability is a joke and my onset arthritis in the spine with 3 pinched nerves barely have me working only 3 days so we are stuck in an RV trailer park with flooding & termite infestations because we can’t afford anything anymore

    • Access to safe affordable housing should be available to everyone and your situation sounds very difficult. I believe we will transition to a more caring society because so many people are hurting now. It is becoming clear that people’s basic needs should have priority over corporate greed.

  4. Cute house 🙂 Love the glass sliding door! When one of them was talking about the cat and the dog I was thinking BUT there were two dogs … it slowly dawned on me that the other dog I saw might not be theirs and then I remembered Jenna has a dog like that – even before you mentioned it at the end – so glad grey cells are still working Hahaha! Jenna I really enjoy your videos – you were THE first presenter of tiny houses that I discovered quite a while ago and it is so much more fun than the videos that show only pics of tiny houses while crazy music is playing in the background and you never get to find out the true story behind the coming to be of the house <3 🙂

  5. i’m majoring in sustainable interior design and i don’t think people realize how awful and subtle (the dangerous part) the effects of long term VOC exposure can be. awesome tiny house 👍🏻💕

  6. Lovely workmanship, plenty of space. Good work, but…. I’m definitely having an indoor bathroom, at the very least, a toilet. One of the creature comforts I can’t give up. 🙂

  7. really nice build. only thing I would change: I would def have an indoor shower even if the loo was outdoors. also, I would need covers on all the storage areas

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