Tiny House Built For A Senior Citizen

Everyone loves tiny house! Even senior citizens. Actually, a tiny house makes alot of sense for a senior citizen. Less to clean and maintain, less bills for a limited income most retirees have and they can be moved when/if the owner’s needs change.

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  1. This is just outstanding – and not only for seniors! That kitchen layout was extraordinary: there really is room for everything. Sterling work. Well done!

  2. It was so wonderful when she said that this will this lady’s first home she owns! Will be such a relief for her. Only suggestion would be that one of the lofts could be used for a guest, like a child or granchild. But obviously thats probably something she didnt need.

    • she may be satisfied with SLEEPING OUTDOORS on the lawn and just use the trailer as her ‘office’ with kitchen & shower! Dick Proenneke got ‘too old’ for the national park bureaucrats and he HAD TO LEAVE the cabin he built in Alaska! this ‘cabin’ trailer would have made him a lot happier about the move…… myself, i’ve slept in these edge-of-town ravines ‘like a Native American’ for DECADES and now/(65), i’m too old to HIKE into the hills every night, anymore! very sad days in the city, now…..

  3. Very nice. I liked the remote on the wall so it won’t get misplaced. Seems so nice and open. God bless the new owner in her 1st home! ❤

  4. Excellent video! Tiny houses are not for everyone, even as an elder person when you decide to downsize your life style it’s because you believe you can fit into your new environment; other way makes no sense! Don’t think about of your elders as disable human beings; they can be self sufficient at very old age, unless they’re suffering from a physical or mental condition, which require special needs n’ care. Then a tiny house are not meant for them. Stop seen problems where there are not. This house is a perfect place for anyone; elder or young.

  5. Upon entering the house, you are in the bedroom? No way,bad design, if that is the case. It would have been nice had you waited until the house was set up. Personally, I thought the tour was horrible.

    • My video can be confusing as to the layout. The start was me standing inside the window that was over the A-frame and inside the bedroom. When you see me playing with the dishwasher you can see the exterior door that is open to my left. Personally, I really didn’t want to take this video since I had had my lumbar back L3 through L5 fused about 3 weeks earlier. In the first section of the video I have my back brace on where as the last part I took it off. I will be making a trip soon to visit with this wonderful family! I will gets some photos if I am given permission to take them. I do my best to protect the privacy of those we have built for.

  6. Those doorways are not extra large and how is she going to get to her crafts in a loft from a wheelchair?? This whole thing makes no sense!

  7. This is the exact sort of home I was planning to build for my mom. She suddenly passed two weeks ago today. Seeing this now brings a tear to my eye and is bittersweet. I hope this lady enjoys her home for many many years to come. <3

  8. I am impressed with your professionalism and care in your personal responses. Keep designing please with disabled needs in mind thank you so much♡

  9. What a great hostess. Having worked for a nonprofit I can’t tell you the people who had their utilities cut off.
    Tiny homes are also about people on fixed incomes. Utilities can destroy a budget in a large home.
    This home was lovely.

  10. The doorways look’s narrow for someone that would be in a wheelchair you don’t have enough storage space down below someone in a wheelchair could’nt get up their or a senior citizen ask someone in a wheelchair what they need for accessible living someone that’s a senior what they need for accessible living space

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