Tiny House Built From Salvaged Earthquake Materials

At 20 square meters (215 sq. ft) Student Tiny builder Stefan Cook surely has created an exceedingly huge Tiny House.

Constructed largely salvaged substances from homes in Christchurch that had been demolished after the earthquakes, Stefan Tiny has an extremely intelligent design that makes the complete house really feel very spacious.

Read even more at: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/big-tiny-house/

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  1. It’s nice to see a tiny house that is larger. Sometimes I think tiny house
    people work too hard to be as small as possible. Can’t wait to see it
    after some upgrades. Thanks!

  2. Can’t wait to see it complete, looking at so many designs for tiny houses,
    this space seems to have the greatest potential i’ve seen to date. Amazing

  3. Great video! I think it’d be cool if you could include stills at the end of
    the video that just kind of slideshow through to show every bit of the

  4. did he have the trailer made or did he acquire it? Would be good to have
    that question asked for each tiny house you visit, here in Australia they
    are incredibly expensive to have built eg. 7 thousand for an 8 meter which
    is half of the total I wanted to spend.

  5. this is a very nice Tiny house, reminds me a bit of the “couple builds tiny
    house for 22 000$” one, Stefan has a lot of room to add new features too,
    really cool!

  6. man, i keep thinking this is such a great idea and i’d love to live in one
    but i think i’d be paranoid someone would break in or that something would
    go wrong.

  7. First off, such a very cool and very livable tiny house! Second, was this
    house built on wheels to be moved around, or to get around a minimum size
    like we have here in the US? I didn’t think there was a requirement to
    build on a trailer if building smaller than a certain size in NZ.

  8. Great job so far. love that he’s taking consumption in to consideration
    before buying his solar panels, perfect.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. Stefan is a real thinking man. Excellent design!! Conventional timber
    framing makes absolutely no sense for a tiny house. And, cookie-cutter
    traditional residential architecture is a joke. Howard Roark would not

    Can you confirm which size of steel tubing was used for the framing? It
    looks like 1″ to maybe 1 1/2″ x 1/8″. Also, does cold air get into the
    tubing; are the voids sealed / welded?

  10. I love your videos. I’m from the US and hope to build a tiny home some day
    in California. I’m also visiting New Zealand soon, so I’m using your
    videos to practice listening to the New Zealand accent.

  11. Great video! If you dont mind Im asking, how old are you other people
    checking out tiny houses? Im asking because Im 28 years old and I dont
    really know if it is weird or anything that I dont plan on buying myself a
    big house and so on. A lot of my friends are doing so, and you often
    compare yourself to the visible people around you right.. Could be fun to
    hear how old other people interested in this is 🙂
    Cheers from Denmark

  12. Love the size of this house just wandering have you seen any tiny houses
    with a spiral staircase to the loft which I think would be a great way to
    save room and still have a staircase

  13. Hello, I was wondering if in your future videos (which I enjoy immensely)
    If you could use both meters and feet when giving the dimensions. It’s not
    a terrible inconvenience, but it would help out me and your other American
    viewers. Thank you for making all this great content…it has been helping
    me out quite frequently when designing my own tiny house.

  14. Good ideas to make hard choice on a life style on what you can live with
    out, which I have been there and done that, but it’s harder to convince
    your wife to do go that way even after the kids have left the nest and
    grand kids, the biggest complaint that I have heard was there’s no
    dishwasher and I have only seen on upload with one and then saw a negative
    comment that you live in a tiny home and have to have dishwasher and no
    consider for personal preference on what you think makes you happy in
    concessions in couples or daily family chores. 

  15. So I take it he built the house frame from the same mild steel that he did
    the stairs in. It seems that is what Stefan said at some point in time.
    It would of been cool if you had spent some time talking about the
    construction method. What did he clad his house in and what about his
    insulation etc. Why the curved roof and not a slanted roof with a rain
    water catchment option? I also see that when you walked in where he had
    his surfboard hanging on the wall that he had some diagonal steel braces at
    the corner of the building. I get the feeling he has a great structure
    underneath. Look like he has some good welding skills from the looks of
    the stairway also. Also I am sure he must of had some photos as he built
    his house. If you could of shown the house in process it would of been
    cool. Still a great video.
    I just went through the comments and all my questions have been answered

  16. Good job. What type of insulation is it? I’m sorry if I missed it. I’m
    asking because it’s the biggest expense in my own build, and also the
    greatest factor in making it a comfortable living space. I noticed the
    walls look really thin and the outer layer looks air-tight (some sort of
    metal), which would mean it doesn’t breath (just like a caravan). This is
    respectfully a preference thing of course. For my own house I’m going to
    follow the standard of the inner layer being four times as air tight (but
    not completely) as the outer. That way the house breathes (think mold in
    caravans) and lasts a very long time.

  17. This is my favorite tiny house. Also so much creativity and time and effort
    went in to building and constructing it. Love it!

  18. the reason it feels so open inside compared to most tiny houses is because
    there is next to no storage in the place so everything is open and the
    counters are way to shallow.

  19. So are all tiny houses built upon trailers, or are there some that have a
    proper foundation on the ground? Because to me that is just a remodeled
    travel trailer. Which is still very nice.

  20. I like it very much. Good Job…it definitely was roomy. It makes you
    think how much you can live without and what you don’t really need.

  21. it’s better than being homeless,at least you would be warm dry and a place
    to sleep,we should build some in each county in the usa ,so people dont
    have to sleep in the park.

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  23. This is inspiring so looking forward to see what you do down the track your
    inovative Ideas are exciting, we across the ditch also party in kitchens
    often me think it is cause the fridge and pantry is close yea we are
    survivalists. Good luck!

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