Tiny House Campout Mini Festival in NC- w/NEW home added!

THIS! We're intentionally keeping it small as a live-build (with talks, demos, camping allowed, and more!!!)- not too many slots left. We don't want over 30 heads so as to keep it intimate. In fact the ratio of tiny builders and hosts to will be about one teacher for everything three students, which is pretty amazing- you will NOT find that anywhere else. out a tiny houses, build a cabin with us, check out an off grid tree house, cook in a Cobb earth , build a rocket stove, hear from a tree house builder and dweller (two builders actually), and pick the brains of MANY full-time tiny home dwellers. All on Steven Harrell's (Tiny House Listings!) 3 acre off-grid building compound. The place is GREAT! This will be our workshop there. Again, FULLY HANDS ON- come build with us!

box truck photo by Dylan Jon Wade Cox. Guy does incredible work!!!

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  1. Cool No Pun Intended. I love that you guys do this. One of the things with the Tiny House people that is so great is that they help one another. This it great.

  2. Wish I could go, but trying to finish my degree and national guard already making me miss some school days… anything going on June – August, like on your Missouri property?

    Have fun in NC…

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