Tiny House Couple Buys Florida Island & Builds 2nd Tiny Home

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Sam & Tim have lived in a Tiny House on wheels for three years, and they are ready for their next project! They bought a - in Florida, where they are building their 2nd Tiny Home. This one is Prefab 320 sq feet home on a foundation, and it’s built to withstand hurricanes.

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Jenna Kausal

David Frick

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  1. So this video is a little different, being that there are actually TWO Tiny Houses to tour. The first is the Tiny House on wheels that Sam and Tim have been living in for three years. It’s beautiful and full of stained glass. The second house is a 320 Square Foot Prefab they are currently building on an island on a freshwater lake. If you’re mainly interested in the later, skip to: 09:46. I hope you’ll watch the whole video to see both, but I also know short attention spans exist 🙂

  2. Very nice. I did not see the COST of anything, the tiny house, the island, or the octagon house. It would have been nice to know how much everything cost.

  3. A generation of wives wanting less, husbands everywhere must be happy. It is like a huge freedom movement and I cannot wait to join

  4. I really like the set up.

    Anyone else get a lil mad when ppl don’t show inside the drawers ect? Lol I like to see EVERYTHING.

  5. Hi Jenna I’ve watched your. Videos for a long time and I love them. They are so personable, fun watching and filled with ideas. It’s so funny today I was watching this video and it was great! I loved the tiny home that they were living in but for me I’m all about counter space. I do cook not like I used to but I still do a big dinner once in a while. It’s harder now because I am disabled but I do my best. If I could I’d move into. Tiny home on the coast just like the house they were building. What a cool idea to buy some land and put a tiny home on it. Heck if they owned the whole island, they could rent out spaces for tiny home people. Now that would make them money and they could travel. What a life!!

  6. WOW, I love the stairs I don’t think I ever saw a tiny w A staircase before I think they make the house look finished. Really nice.

  7. what happens during hurricanes? as for the second loft that is Olivers bedroom. I like the tub in the shower one thing that would stop me moving tiny is no bath I love baths

  8. You are a sweet couple. But Tiffany lamps were made by Louis C. Tiffany by his Glass Studios at the end of the 1800s, the beginning of the 1900s. What you have is Stained Glass lamps. If you had ever seen “Tiffany lamps” you would understand the difference. The actual glass used, was hand made, the designs that were made were iconic and incredible. If you get the chance, try to see them, the lamps are beautiful. The glass used in them is beautiful, and the designs are incredible. It was nice of you to name the house after Tiffany lamps, but what you own are not Tiffany lamps, they are stained glass lamps. There is a difference.

  9. They’re going to have a blast with that piece of land.
    My concerns would be gators and snakes. The tiny homes are sweet.

  10. This is so crazy I remember seeing this exact house when it was first being sold on YouTube last year it’s amazing to see a couple living in it and seeing how beautiful it is to live in one of these. It really is a beautiful home love the Tiffany lamps enjoy and keep up the awesome work

  11. Holy crap. 250 square feet, are you kidding me? I’d be interested to find out how many people get sick of living in a sardine can, and abandon it in a few years’ time. I bet it’s a high percentage. I mean if this were 500 or 600 square feet, that would be doable… but 250?

  12. I have seen this tiny house before. I saw when the builder demonstrated how he built this tiny house. There are certain houses that have a cold box like feel. This house is warm and inviting. This is one of my favorite tiny houses that is not only functional but also beautiful.

  13. My second time seeing a video of this same tiny house. I think the first time, it was the builder’s video. Nice looking place.

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