Tiny House Couple Plans for Family in their Stunning Design

Sam and Mary plan on having kids while living in their Tiny House, so they planned ahead in their design.

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Marcia Trader

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  1. Beautiful tiny home. Love the kitchen and bathroom. Also would like to observe that @tinyhousegiantjourney has become an excellent video editor.

  2. Wait so the upstairs ends up in the bathroom? So if someone’s in the bathroom and you need to come downstairs, you might interrupt them? ?

  3. I love this! Love the storage under every stair. Also I feel like you may actually be living in or very close to a park I lived in as a child in an 8′ by 38′ just about nine miles South of Joliet.
    My friend has said there is a new truck stop built where some of that park was but it used to be almost a jungle in the center. ? Treasure Island. The remnants of a very old Drive In Movie were still in the thickest part of the trees then. Love the whole design❣️

  4. i dunno about kids in that place. you’re gonna need quite a few more dishes and nothing will ever be neat again heheh. at least they’ll be forced to play outside.

  5. I love the tiny house and the location with all the land and trees though my neighbor is originally from Joliet over 45 yrs ago. It gets too cold there. I do love the design and the kitchen and bathroom and that it has a downstairs bedroom too. Looks so comfortable but for how many kids? Two maybe ..Best of luck and good health too:)

  6. I think this would be easy to deal with while having a child, but as a. Newborn and toddler they need Alot of things… Play mat, cot, nappies wipes toys baby bath list goes. On, would you have the space?!

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