Tiny House Couple Plans for Family in their Stunning Design

Sam and Mary on having kids while living in their , so they planned ahead in their .

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Marcia Trader

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  1. Beautiful tiny home. Love the kitchen and bathroom. Also would like to observe that @tinyhousegiantjourney has become an excellent video editor.

  2. i dunno about kids in that place. you’re gonna need quite a few more dishes and nothing will ever be neat again heheh. at least they’ll be forced to play outside.

  3. I love the tiny house and the location with all the land and trees though my neighbor is originally from Joliet over 45 yrs ago. It gets too cold there. I do love the design and the kitchen and bathroom and that it has a downstairs bedroom too. Looks so comfortable but for how many kids? Two maybe ..Best of luck and good health too:)

  4. I think this would be easy to deal with while having a child, but as a. Newborn and toddler they need Alot of things… Play mat, cot, nappies wipes toys baby bath list goes. On, would you have the space?!

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