Tiny House Couple Strives for Zero Waste Life in 133 SqFt

This young couple decided to dramatically lower their impact on the earth through lifestyle and a .

EDITOR: Marcia` Trader

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ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Michaela & Ben (homeowners)


    • For the last year I’ve been working on reducing use of plastics and anything that contains palm oil. It’s ridiculous how many products contain palm oil.

    • Yes. I’ve been doing zero waste for a few years now. I have no trash cans in my home. I do have some recycling bins, but I’m working on reducing that as well.

    • I don’t think I could live the tiny house lifestyle. I understand why people do it and it’s cool to watch on YouTube but that’s as far as it would go for me. You are to restricted on what you can do and that doesn’t fly for me. Having the freedom to expand, grow and not be claustrophobic seems more comfortable. But I do love your channel and watch all the time.

    • I would love to see a series documenting a couple families (or one big extended family) who start out together on a completely empty lot with nothing but some camping supplies and then follow their journey as they gradually go through their process of making plans and decisions plus build their mini community of tiny homes and also other things that they choose to have on their lot such as gardening or animals.

    • I only fill up a plastic grocery bag worth of trash in a month.
      A family of 4 can go out to a fast food restaurant and make about as much waste in one meal as I do in a month’s time!
      Don’t think I’ll ever do zero waste, but I’m happy with where I’m at! 🙂

  1. Thanks for the nice vid, Jenna. You’re doing good job by letting your subscribers take a look at how other people successfully combine their real opportunities with the full pleasure of lifestyle. Experienced psychologists don’t wonder when they say that for a full happiness a person needs quite a little, and it does not necessarily mean to have huge houses, villas, luxury car park, yachts and other expensive stuff to which it’s easy to get attached to and then it’s hard to wean off in case of lost. These guys managed to find their own level of comfort, and it’s great.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of this inset porch design. Seems like a big waste of space in such a tiny home and makes the interior more cramped than necessary. Better to make a fold up roof and deck for an entrance porch, in my opinion.

  3. Lovely couple. Looks like they have their functions in the relationship worked out. Their energy together is very calm and synchronistic. I like their home in that it works for them. I would prefer something different for me though. I can appreciate their space. So nice to see an effort towards zero waste. I can’t see them eating any of those birds though. The vibe I got is that the chicks are more like egg producing pets rather than potential meat sources.

  4. This couple seems to be very happy we’re glad the tiny house living is working for them.much luck to them. thanks Jenna for sharing

  5. Great tiny house tour, love it with gardening their own vegetables and herbs and they made great use of a small space, hopefully the greenery will grow around the house and provide some shade!

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