Tiny House Designed For Entertaining

Rewild Tiny Home is a small tiny house building company located on Vancouver Island that has been steadily building tiny houses for several years now. Here’s one 24′ long with a live-edge breakfast bar perfect for eating and working and seating for guests when they are over.

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Built by: http://www.rewildhomes.com


    • There’s basically three options… First is obviously built it completely yourself, which a lot of people have done.

      Second, is a mix as some companies like Incredible Tiny Homes allow their customers to take advantage of a workshop deal in which they and whoever they can bring with them can go to their facilities for a week to work on their own Tiny House… So they basically give you a frame, supervise and help when needed…

      While third, is of course paying someone else to built it for you but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any part in the design work and often builders will leave parts unfinished so the owner can finish it themselves for final customization.

      Things to consider first is where you’re going to place it because finding a place that they won’t bother you and allow you to legally live in a Tiny House can be a issue, depending where you are and what the local rules are…

      Next, consider whether DIY will give you the house you actually want because unless you’re very skilled it’s hard to give a house that professional done look and certain features may require someone of specific skill level to do.

      While DIY is generally the cheapest, you do have to still watch out for cost overruns, like redoing work already done because it wasn’t done right the first time can add up…

      Local zoning rules can apply during the build as some things may require permits and inspections for safety, like electrical and gas line installations, but you could hire someone just to do those parts and still do the rest yourself.

      Another consideration is whether you want certification, it adds to the cost but can make it easier to get financial aid and insurance but even if you don’t you can still get insurance on a Tiny House with a little effort to search for a company willing to do it… It’s actually a lot easier than finding a place to legally live in a Tiny House.

      One of the reasons to consider a commercial builder is if you want something that can be easily moved. Tiny Houses tend to be very heavy and it takes some level of engineering to keep them light enough for regular towing but that may only be a concern if you wish to travel with it, unless you plan on living someplace like Florida that may occasionally have to face a hurricane…

      While commercial builds are of course the most expensive, there are builders who will do it under a tight budget… Built Tiny in Texas, for example, can usually undercut most other builder’s prices. Though, the results can look more DIY sometimes but it generally all works and can’t argue with the pricing.

      So lots of options to consider… Not to mention doing conversions but those usually involve a number of compromises and aren’t always cheaper…

      There’s also many ways to consider financing it and developing a network of people who can help you do it can certainly help.

      But it’s a dream many people have managed to achieve… So it can be done…

  1. Very nice. I like the spacious loft. I notice the beam in the living room. I guess makes structural sense. But I have not seen that before. I do like the layout.

  2. The designing of these tiny homes are spectacular! I love the lay out and the color scheme so serene. You done a beautiful job!

  3. I love this build. Although I don’t understand a full-sized frig in a tiny house, THIS build doesn’t make the frig seem like a behemoth taking up too much space.

    • Some people need to store more cold food and drinks than others, depends how often they want/need to shop to restock, and some people have other reasons to have a fridge like keeping their medication at a certain temperature.

      But it’s only an apartment size fridge in this one, they raised it up for easier access… Look below and you’ll see there’s an empty storage space below it… So it’s only a little bigger than a mini-fridge.

  4. The tiny house movement has gotten out of hand when I first started looking at these videos back in 2008 the only people I saw trying to move into a tiny house were people who could not afford to live in a big house now like everything else in capitalist America the value has risen because of supply and demand and people who want to be in the N crowd just like I got to have that new iPhone

    • Nope, first, people have been building these types of tiny houses since the 70’s… There’s people who have used them for over 45 years and have over 40,000 miles on them.

      Second, people have actually been living in small and tiny structures for most of human history. The obsession for everyone to have a big place has really only been happening for the last 66+ years…

      Prior to 1950 the average size house was around 900 sq ft, now the average is over 2600 sq ft. The average cost of a new home has also risen and now is averaging over $300,000…

      Even tiny apartments under 400 sq ft in places like New York are going for over $2,500 a month now and so called “affordable housing” for the same type of tiny apartments is still over $950 a month.

      What has to be understood is you don’t have to be dirt poor and homeless to want to find something more affordable in this economy. There’s plenty of people in the middle class, which btw make up over 50% of the population, who need better options too…

      over 80% of the population actually makes over minimum wage, but it’s the high costs of just about everything that’s making it harder and harder to make a good living anymore.

      While going tiny doesn’t mean everyone is going to minimize to the same level, everyone has different needs and different things they require to live a comfortable and efficient life that isn’t making them suffer in any way.

      Someone who needs the option to live completely off-grid so they can find more affordable places to live and not need to constantly pay for utilities can find it worth it to pay for over $15,000 solar power systems and water filtering and recycling system…

      People who need to live in places that can have extreme temperature ranges can find it worth it to pay over $8000 for their windows so everything is insulated and won’t break even if they get hit by a hurricane.

      Then there’s people who need a house that can still support an entire family, squeezing everything a whole family needs into a tiny space often means including higher priced appliances and other features that someone living by themselves wouldn’t need but again, not everyone is going to have their needs met by the same minimums.

      Never mind all the people with special needs and who can’t build their own Tiny House so they have no choice but to pay someone else to do all the work for them… A simple fact of life is not everyone can do the same thing at the same price range.

      While people who can built it themselves are still doing that every day… There’s a guy who recently did his house for around $9,100 and is traveling the country in it… A women recently built her own camper style tiny house from parts she bought from Lowes for only around $4,500… among many other examples.

      So nothing is stopping anyone from getting a Tiny House at just about any price range.

      Besides, the real point of going tiny is to have the freedom to live your life under your own terms. Being able to build a custom home to meet your specific needs is a tool to achieve that way of life.

      Unlike how housing has been treated the last several decades, people aren’t building tiny houses as a form of investment that they expect to pay them off when they eventually sell it, like buying and selling stocks… It’s all about achieving the life people really want to have and having the tools that makes achieving that goal possible.

      So what people choose to invest in their Tiny House is directly going to achieving the life they want to have and free themselves from the limitations imposed by our present housing system. Just because not everyone is going to do that for the same minimum costs doesn’t change the point of why they’re doing it…

    • Depends what you think is cool… A 2018 Airstream Basecamp starts around $40,000 and that’s a 16′ 3″ long camper…. Their upcoming 2018 Class B+ is going to be over $217,000…

      Basically, lots of things in the market depend on what you want and consider worth it…

      Mind the market and location as well… This is up in Canada…

    • Yeah, while there are a number of builders who are very creative and often make very original houses, most commercial builders tackle it more like a traditional house.

      They can still customize it anyway you want but they generally leave the creativity to their customers and focus on making a solidly built and functional house.

      It’s nice when you can have both and be sure you’ll get a house that will both feed your soul and last a really long time but finding that perfect mix can be illusive unless you are willing to do a lot of that creativity yourself or shop around until you find a like minded builder to work with…

  5. I’m assuming this house has a shower in the bathroom on the right as you enter, but the camera sure didn’t show it well.

    • Larry Bothe .. I was thinking the same exact thing. I almost couldn’t focus on the rest of the video because I wanted to see that shower!

    • In basic terms, entertaining a guest just means making them feel welcome in your home.

      So having convenient seating, places where you can serve a guest a drink or serve some food, etc. with open conversation space covers the basics.

      Mind, many Tiny Houses tend to neglect the living room space and tables tends to be something you pull out when needed instead of always there like is here with that live edge table with the two seats.

      Plus, the opening in the stairs next to the fridge is a closet. So easy to place coats, etc. aside and seat the guests… Mind, this is up in Canada where some parts can get pretty cold.

  6. Entertaining? I don’t get it, I don’t call anything entertaining without a wide ultra 4K TV with Bose surround sound in it. But hey, that’s just me. 🙂

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