Tiny House Designed To Be Elderly / Disability / Mobility Friendly

Growing older is a gift. Unfortunately that gift also comes with it’s own burdens, often meaning a lack of and thus a loss of independence. This spectacular has helped to give mobility and independence back to one very special lady though, through some very clever design to create an , and mobility friendly .

This has many elderly / disability friendly features which helps to make this a very liveable space. These features include design aspects such as ramps, reinforced walls for secure hand rails, and an accessibility toilet and shower. Care was taken to ensure there are zero trip hazards in the home and the dimensions of the home were even designed around the ability to use a wheelchair in the tiny house if need be.

Read More: https://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/tiny-house-design-elderly-mobility-friendly/

For those who have disabilities or mobility issues, one of the best things about a tiny is that you can design it to your specific needs. In this case, Merle has a home where she is warm and comfortable, but most importantly, a house which has given her back her independence and dramatically increased her quality of life.

This one’s a real heart-warming tiny house story. If only we could all be as fortunate as Merle in our ‘more mature’ years. I hope you enjoy it!

This tiny house was constructed by Ferne’s company, Tiny Footprint in Australia.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. I’m not officially disabled as far as the state is concerned but I do have limiting medical issues so I have to think about these things. I like tiny houses but I just can’t be climbing up a ladder nor bending down to get things out of storage on the floor level. It’s nice to know there are builders who can accommodate different needs.

  2. I hope this beautiful house can be an inspiration to more builders in regards to long-term planning of a tiny house lifestyle.

  3. I absolutely love this – it gives me ideas for my grandmother. I will send her this video – she is still very independent but in ten years time it might not be the same. Plus her huge house is starting to weight on her… Thank you !

  4. This is beautiful! Thank you.I come form Greece and I wish my grandparents would have the socio-economic background to lead a descent elderly life, too. Unfortunately, this is not the case though, for most of the greek population. Most elderly, even aging 50-60 year-olds don’t have the money to sustain their health, live close to their loved-ones and get the proper care. It breaks my heart to see how relative things are and how money can define on so many levels one’s life. I wish I can make something like this for my parents in the future and give the proper care to anyone who needs it.

  5. What a lovely mom and daughter duo and what a lovely house. Pricey, yes, but priceless for the older lady. You could feel how she much loves her tiny home. Thank you for kicking off 2019 with such an interesting and lovely tiny house.

  6. This is wonderful! This is my favorite, because every aspect was so well thought out for Merle. What a wonderful daughter too.

  7. This is the video I’ve been waiting for!! I’ve been super curious about how tiny homes could be accessible to people with disabilities since I first started watching your channel

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