Tiny House DIY: Easy Downstairs Bedroom Solution! 🏡🙌

Website: http://www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com

Watch as I explain how we designed a custom futon bed for our House living room. Easy DIY downstairs bed solution!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing , which is one thing that I would like to do that I get my tiny house to have a bed downstairs I was wondering if maybe you can do a blog on the loft ?

  2. Your puppydog was too cute throughout the video! I especially enjoyed them hiding under the bed!!! Your dog “helps” like mine do!

  3. My current bed is a shikibuton (Japanese futon) that looks like yours, same thickness.
    I sleep on it elevated on an XL Cot. For someone who likes to sleep on a firm surface it’s a huge upgrade from sleeping on the Shikibuton on a Tatami mat (aka a wicker pads) on the floor.
    Now I’m figuring out how to replicate my design as a queen bed! FYI I live in the USA, not Japan.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I can do this! I’ve been collecting DIY furniture videos for tiny houses for a year or more. This is the first one that doesn’t need major tools and wood working skills. I’m so happy!

  5. What else I’d like to see is more of the dog, your housemate. I mean i know it’s not a dog channel but she is a big part of your giant journey.

  6. So cool, Jenna! Great idea. I remember having similar supports for my Queen size waterbed, may she rest in pieces. ? I say that because after moving it one time too many I went back to a regular bed. The headboard became a bookshelf in a friend’s house for some years and where it went from there I have no idea. Ah yes, those were the Eighties. ; )

  7. Curious to know how stable the outer edge is, especially the bottom corner, with the edges of the bed extending so far past the X-frame legs. Can it handle an adult sitting on the outermost corner (eg if they don’t know how it’s constructed, will it flip up behind them if they flop down on it)? Love the concept, but would probably consider moving footstools to be fully across the bottom, with the middle section supported by X-frame legs, so the outer edges of the bed are more supported, and just have to figure out how to keep it properly aligned with the stationary sofa portion.

  8. Back in 1977, my husband, six month old daughter and I lived in a Six Pak cab over camper that sat on our Ford pick up for three months. I would have thought your tiny house huge!!! It had everything except a shower. That was provided by the campground we were staying at.

  9. Ok so I like just thought of the best idea… you could have a basement! It would have a lot of room and it would still be shown as a tub house at the top

  10. I haven’t seen the fan before but I’ve noticed many others have it. Do you feel it makes a difference in spreading around the heat in the house?

  11. Thanks for this awesome DIY video! Also, I know you’ve made a tiny house cooking video before, but would you consider making one about a day of cooking in a tiny house (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner kind of thing)? I think it would be very helpful in showing people (Whether in a tiny or normal house) how to cook efficiently with limited space and appliances. 🙂

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