Tiny House- “Dwell Magazine” Luxury Kitchen (in Action!)

In this episode, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen visits Lookout Mountain outside of Chattanooga, TN to stay, film, and explore the “Live A Little Chatt” rental compound. This time around, Deek interviews David Latimer of New Frontier Tiny Homes (link below), as he prepares breakfast for the group. Check out David’s unbelievable modern kitchen in this QnA clip.

For more from David Latimer- http://www.newfrontiertinyhomes.com


  1. I’m still wondering why you don’t see more “slide outs”. With slide outs you lose the claustrophobia, gain much needed cabinet space/storage and live with true functionality. I built a doghouse that my friends call a tiny house. It doesn’t have a slide out but I don’t live in it. It does however have two upper bunks for guests. My three dogs have lots of human friends that visit from time to time. Even with the limited visitation and sleep overs I can clearly see the advantages of having a slide out. If I ever built a real tiny house it would have a slide out or two — without question. https://flic.kr/p/ZG4Ldb

    • I agree. Just one slideout in the living room makes a huge difference in livability. I could not live in a ordinary tiny house, it’s just too claustrophobic for my liking.

    • I think its because moving/transforming parts are more prone to breakdowns/wearing out, never mind the flashing and leaking problems you could have over time. I’ve seen a few done though….

    • Squidgy Quijabo
      Cookie cutter people live in cookie cutter houses by default. People who are “different” used to live in cookie cutter houses mostly because of the law (and not knowing about this type of house). Now that this is a known thing it makes sense that people who are different would get into it. And of course people who are different tend to be more likely to dress differently.

  2. I liked his clothes you haters. He fills them out in all the right places. That’s what you’re jealous of. And the great house

  3. Not only was this tiny house on the TV show “Tiny House Big Living” on HGTV but you missed one of the coolest feature of the home. You missed the hidden dining table and storage benches that rolls out from underneath the kitchen inside the house. Very cool stuff. Fortunately, there are pictures of it on his website. 🙂

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