Tiny House Expedition- Home-On-Wheels Tour (at Tiny House Jamboree!)

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of Relaxshacks.com and author of “Microshelters” hangs with Kent Griswold (www.tinyhouseblog.com and House Magazine) as they tour the of Christian and Alexis from “Tiny House Expedition”. duo/dwellers talk about their documentary film vision, building their tiny house, working in recycled and salvaged materials, and show us the ins and outs of their simple, but cleverly crafted house on wheels.

You can out more from them at www.tinyhouseexpedition.com


  1. This was my favorite house at the jamboree! The lines WERE long but
    completely worth it!
    Thanks for giving us a fresher tour!! :)

  2. Love your stuff Deek. I started a daily VLOG about my seeing guide dog and
    myself. I would love some more subscribers. And to live in a tiny home one
    day ;)

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