Tiny House Family Cut Their Expenses by 80% Through Downsizing!

Brandon and Jana built a Tiny House to live a more intentional and fulfilling life with their kids and ended up dramatically reducing their financial burdens.


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ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

OPENING DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed



  1. Love the drop down drawers from the ceiling above. I’ve never seen that before. What an awesome use of that otherwise wasted space.

  2. You did a great job on your tiny house! It doesn’t feel tiny to me in the video. We are a family of 6 in double your space (880 square feet).

  3. I like watching tiny house tours for inspiration to have less stuff in the house but I would want a bigger house because it’s more convenient and when I have my family over I need space to feed and entertain 22 people

  4. OMG those stairs on each side and the storage per se – just brilliant. I particularly like the wall structure above the bed (I’m not sure what it’s called) – so nice to see some very stylish elements lke that and Oh. Those. Tree. Branches. Just gorgeous!! Beautifully crafted with a utilitarian value re’ the “hooks” etc. I’m hooked. Well Done guys!! Emily Liberty

  5. Those babies sure are precious! This house has a lot of ingenious storage ideas in it….bookmarked! Why are there a pair of 120mm Fans in the wall going into the kids rooms? Is there not enough space in the slot under the doorway for ventilation?

  6. I’m calling you homeowners out .

    Your world map in black on the lounge wall does not include New Zealand. We are situated to the East of Australia . When Peter Jackson won his 11 Academy awards for ” The Lord of the Rings” movies he noticed that at the Universal Studios movie lot in Hollywood/Los Angeles ? their large Atlas of the World sculpture situated at the entrance to the studios was missing New Zealand. It is a large 3D rendition of the Universal logo which screens before each Universal movie.
    He had enough clout that the studio executives remedied their world globe and added New Zealand. It’s shocking that whoever manufactured your world map made such an erroneous omission. I don’t know if it was made in China or America but I think it perfectly highlights the nationalistic, isolationist and insular tendencies of each country on the geopolitical stage that a whole nation is omitted. We are not some tiny dot like Christmas Island in the middle of the Pacific. We won the Americas Cup off you recently and have a large global presence for a country only a bit bigger than California. The fact that you haven’t realised the map is incorrect only reinforces my opinion that Americans know fuck all about the rest of the world (If you did notice then my bad!)

  7. Wow, this was a ACTUAL HOUSE. There was everything almost full size!!! Great!!! I am so fashinating by this world… but i think i’ll try something like your last trip van to start and see how it feels

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