Tiny House family in 3 bedroom Tiny Home – FUN kid rooms!

The downsized into a self-built with 3 bedrooms and a catio! The ' rooms are super fun, with themes, murals, and fun ways to climb into the space. They currently live in a Village, where they pay $600 a month for and utilities. Their house only $45,000 (estimated) to build.




Marcia Trader

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00:00 Intro
00:49 Meet the Schon family
01:22 Built by dad!
01:53 Cost to build
02:01 The Tiny House Village where they are parked
02:45 tour of the Tiny House
04:49 Welcome inside!
05:01 The kitchen
06:08 The living room / dining area
07:10 The
08:21 Their daughter's bedroom
09:15 The master bedroom
09:44 Their son's bedroom
10:30 What does the future hold for this family?


  1. Crazy…. my parents paid $700 a month in the 90s to rent a small apartment in NYC, also near parks and libraries and great cafes

    The price of everything has gone up and it’s not just inflation

  2. OK so this is weird, how does a married couple with kids on top of their bedroom have private time, kids don’t sleep that soundly!!!! Very weird to me

    • Private time is definitely difficult to manage, but we’ve got 3 sets of grandparents in the metro area. So we’re occasionally able to get time to ourselves.

    • Haha no it first belonged to one neighbor, then another, and then we inherited it in pieces. The Bush’s deck went to the house right next to ours.

  3. Overall, it’s really nice. The kids rooms are a good size, and I like that the master bedroom has standing room. My only concern is the lack of privacy in the kids’ rooms, especially as they grow older.

  4. The one making out here is the land owner who provides no home or shelter, only water and a patch of dirt, yet charges 600.00 a month. The homes looked squashed together. Sitting on their porch, the family’s view is the metal side of the neighbors’ tiny home about six feet away. No landscaping, the fire pit is just a bunch of chairs in the dirt, the community garden looks deserted (raised beds? No. Improved garden soil? No.)
    This place doesn’t seem much different from a mobile home park.

    I get the impression that this homeschooling mom wants to exert maximum control over her family by keeping them both figuratively and literally, near and dear to her heart.
    But the greedy land owner really irks me.

  5. If you do the maths. It will be better to buy land in remote area and build small house. And after 10 years 20 30 years. It makes really difference. ..The house will double the value. The tiny house will decrease to $0. If people do not have good income, It will be more important to do the maths. Sometimes the easy route not end up easy. Unfortunately we live in a world full of competition. I respect those people but I hope they have the best for living.

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