Tiny House Family with Two Babies & a Great Dane!

Two and a half years ago Macy Miller moved into her self-designed and self-built 196 tiny house in Boise, Idaho, with her partner, James, and a great dane puppy, Denver. But a lot has changed since then. . .

Over the past few years, their family has grown exponentially – and I’m not just talking about Denver gaining 140 pounds! Macy and James have welcomed daughter, Hazel, and their newborn son, Miles, into the tiny house, but not before adding on an additional living space. Originally the house had an attached covered patio, but they recently enclosed the space to create a shared bedroom for their children.

In this tour, Macy tells us about living in a tiny house with children and speaks about plans for the future. Hazel (18 months) gives us a tour of her new bedroom, which she will one day share with her brother.

At the time of filming this tour, Macy was nine months pregnant. Her son, Miles, was since born on October 1st, 2015. Today the “ Motives” tiny house is 232 square feet and accommodates two adults, two and a great dane!

Macy Miller’s Tiny House website – http://minimotives.com/


  1. It’s spacious for a family of two. Great idea that they added additional
    space for their kids, but pretty soon they will have to get a medium size
    house. Nice looking house though.

  2. I am so glad you guys went to Macy’s place and took us on a tour. So much
    better than Macy’s tour video (I should check if she did an update). Her
    home is one of my all-time favorites in the last 2 years I’ve heard about
    tiny homes.Did you guys film the movable storage cabinet in the living room
    and cut it later for time or has she fixed it solid now?Any way thanks

  3. Great Tiny House! I would add 2 or 3 small shelves in the kids room for
    more storage options. Loved the idea of actual furniture verses built ins.
    So much more cozy. Love the white clean look too.

  4. Always happy to see new video from you guys!!! That intro music is just
    perfect, it literally warms my heart… 🙂
    I’ve seen her videos before and I loved the house and all the details and
    solutions. It’s nice to see the house now, when it changed. Great house!

  5. what a fantastic tiny house. I know it’s larger than the average but it
    seems even more spacious than it is, there’s so much going on inside

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