Tiny House For Sale in Portland Gives You OPTIONS

Randol is selling his brand tiny house Portland, Oregon. I totally dig the fact that you can have two sleeping lofts, or have a sleeping area downstairs. Options. It’s brand new and looking a new owner. Take your house with you even when you a new job 1000’s of miles away. Homes that stay put is soooo 20th century. Kidding. Thanks Randol the tour. See description below for link the listing.

Listing: http://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/portland-or-12-tiny-house-at-pdx


  1. nice and straightforward! what is the inside height? and at what height did
    you put the lofts? whats the drop on the roof? thanks

  2. I think it’s a nice, compact design and I love the woodwork. The only
    quibble is the lack of windows large enough to use as other exits in both
    lofts–I think these should be standard. Also, I prefer other types of
    materials for sinks than stainless steel and open shelves rather than dark
    cupboards. But overall it’s great.

  3. Now that so many builders are on the tiny-house train they seem to get more
    and more bland. All of the early ones had smart storage solutions, custom
    cabinetry, and nice exterior details.

  4. this is nice. but some people pay way too much. Because I’m able to do all
    the work myself I see a tricked out, glorified garden shed.

  5. Very sleek and clean love ur woodwork bathroom is great what $$$ and
    insulation did u use?? Where located and weight of the building to move it
    per say. Ready tagged for road??

  6. Shouldn’t that front storage have a vent? Propane tanks shouldn’t be
    enclosed like that. That’s why the tankless water heater is outside?

  7. I’d rather have a dishwasher under the counter top and a stack-able w/d in
    the bathroom where the toilet is and toilet next to the sink which would be
    pushed over closer to the shower. I take it the fridge goes next to the

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