Tiny House for Sale- Only $4k- A MESS- but with potential?

MA area tiny house for sale- $4500….
As I see people searching high and wide for tiny houses, or camp cabins all the time (its a FREQUENT post discussion on tiny house boards), I figured I'd share this Massachusetts micro home that is currently for sale. Its definitely a fixer-upper- make no mistake- but with a tag of only $4500 it might be worth a look and might even hold some potential in terms of flipping it, or reinventing it into something new and, er, complete. Also, from the get-go you DO have a roof and walls here, so there is THAT headstart there, but it does need some shingle work, trim repair, a new front door, and a few other things as you'll see. It also includes some built in , storage, and other items. Yes, its insulated, and YES it has a bathroom space for a composting toilet- albeit a strange one. Apparently it even is wired for lights and outlets already. It IS a tiny house on wheels, but NOT one that is road worthy (don't do it!) and you'd have to find a way to trailer this small cabin away if you were to purchase it (low flat bed trailer perhaps). I would LOVE to see someone finish this and make it beautiful. I'm a HUGE fan of house flips and rehabs. This unfinished mess of a backyard office or shack COULD be made into something incredible- heck, it would make for a GREAT tv show episode for HGTV or the - “Flip this Mess”. Anyway, for fans of tiny houses, tiny house nation, small cabins, back yard hobby spaces, She sheds, and art studios (it could even be an airbnb or hip camp rental)- this one might be for you! Or it might not. Its located in Pembroke, MA #tinyhouseforsale #cabinforsale #tinyhouses #smallcabins #tinyhouseonwheels
PS- if you buy it and fix it up, we'd LOVE to do a follow up on it!

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  1. Pity to see a lovely tiny house in such a state. Now it has been out in the elements unprotected. Why not sell it earlier or repair the doors

  2. I wouldn’t trust the wiring with my life, with how crummy the rest was made, it has great potential and could easilly be weathersealed so it doesn’t deteriorate anymore. would live in that easily.

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