Tiny House Gives Young Couple An Amazing Start

In this weeks episode we meet a charming young couple who have built their dream tiny on wheels. Joel and Deborah had their tiny constructed to lock-up by their builder but set about doing all of the interior themselves. The result is a tiny home which is absolutely packed with their own charm and character.

Stepping inside their tiny house, you are immediately greeted by the feeling of a which is warm, welcoming and filled with loving gestures. The home has been wonderfully designed to enable the couple to not only live in the home full time, but also for Deborah to be able to study full time with her dedicated office loft.

You’ll notice all of the wonderful trinkets, including some family heirlooms and an impressive teddy bear collection that have all found their way into this house, truly accentuating the homey essence of the tiny house, making it feel not only lived in, but also well loved.

For this young couple, it really is sweet tiny home. We you enjoy the full of this very special place.
Find out more about this tiny and others on our website: https://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/

Presented and Produced by:
Camera: Rasa Pescud &
Editing: Ethan Mooney, Rasa Pescud

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2021 Zyia Pictures Ltd

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  1. Deborah and Joel are such a wonderful couple and we had such a blast filming this story. Their home is absolutely beautiful and it’s so cool to see how much character and meaningful objects they were able to include in their tiny house. We hope you enjoy the tour! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. So many lovely people in your videos. It’s sad most don’t own any land. It would be better to live in a tent on your own land than beg/rent the space. At least in this one the land belongs to the parents, not likely to kick them out.

  3. These guys are so cuteee! I love that they both have Barneys and that they each came with a bunch of teddies (shoutout to Carlos!). Great home, their character shines through and it’s very functional and real, kudos, top job there! 🙂

  4. A house becomes a home by the character that is added to it. This house has so much of character and is an extension of the couple living in it.

  5. Ok Bryce we noticed four beef patties on the plate, we suspect you and your wife got a taste of them so are you going to reveal how good they were or?

  6. That Karen , should be so grateful , she found dude and his parents to dope the guy into making her , her own home, only the big cow seems like his , cause I’m sure the Barney the dude has was given to him and is probably old girls ex boyfriends to remind her not to be grateful, he was walking on egg shells, the whole video.

  7. What a cute couple!!! Oh my God!!! They’re so adorable! And the fact they brought all their teddies into their tiny home makes them even cuter! I am also looking for a guy who’d be willing to take both me and my teddies and dolls, so wish me luck LBIATH family haha ❤️ from 🇬🇷

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