Tiny house: How to built a 15-square-meter house yourself

Tiny houses making it big: Over the course of one year, 19-year-old built a house with only 15 square meters of floor space. Now he works as a for tiny houses and even writes books on the subject.
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    • Well, that’s what Leonard sid – a house is an ongoing project… but with 17 he already is a houseowner, that’s accomplished!

    • I very respect teenagers who trying as soon as possible to be independent, I wish many can do like this, and not gaming or… Unfinished house, yes sad, because it never will be finished (you can not invite girlfriend). And maybe it is ok, he have new plans, most important is to get out from parents and start be responsible.

    • Sure, and Leonhard is very responsible about what he does – and he did build the house together with his girlfriend, so she is aware about what has to be finished right now! 😉

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