Tiny House is a Super Efficient Monolithic Dome

These rentals are in Italy Texas. While their size is very efficient the shell itself is equally amazing. Go check them out at http://www..org

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  1. LIKE very much ! 4 peeps w/ little financial power. Probably difficult to
    get a city to approve these/issue a permit. I like the idea: oculus @ very
    top(operable) & especially “merging” smaller domes on the side 4 the
    bathroom & kitchen & even sleeping room

  2. to much money involved, way to much money, and they know it, which is why
    they give you a weekly rate to make it seem otherwise. what a con!

  3. i’m sorry horrible design out and inside 140 per week, in air b&b you can
    find better choices with incredible design and more economic

  4. This is so nice, does it include all the furniture stuff (TV, couch chair,
    desk, trash can) in all the domes? I would prefer to bring my own stuff.

  5. hahaha, if it’s cyclone proof; then there’s no need to mention it’s child
    proof 😀 Why you added that has got me stumped.

  6. These types of rentals are set up for people who cannot qualify for a monthly rental due to income/credit score. They fall under motel laws rather than apartment rentals. It is a valuable service. Thus the price is a bit higher than for a straight month to month rental. Econ 100

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