Tiny House Jamboree Model Has 3 Motorized Slideouts

Tiny Idahomes built this tiny house that has a total of three slide outs for the purpose of displaying it at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado. When under tow, simply press a button and the slide outs slide out. Then parked, just do the opposite! Being that its self-contained, this tiny house would an excellent companion. Now that its back from The Tiny House Jamboree, it’s for sale on tinyhouselistings.com so be sure to checkout the links below. Thanks to The Tiny Idahomes crew for sharing!

Built by Tiny Idahomes: http://www.tinyidahomes.com
For sale here: http://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/nampa--12-tiny-house-jamboree-model-closeout


  1. I was waiting to see this! Now, if you can raise the roof like that to have
    a stand up loft, that would be my last wish. 🙂

    Shaky video though — makes it very hard to watch.

  2. Is there a reason that the toilet sits at such an odd angle on the platform
    it’s on? It seems like you would bang your ankle on the corner of the
    platform as you sit down. If the toilet faced the tub it would probably
    look better and be less awkward to use the toilet.

  3. I don’t understand how a business could put so much time and effort in
    building a product and put so little time on the presentation. This video
    is completely unwatchable.

    The camera is all over the place and gives the viewers no sense of space. I
    would highly recommend that you put a lot more time and effort into your
    next video.

  4. Was unable to watch this video as it made me motion sick. Highly recommend
    that you spend time and $ into getting good recordings for these videos.
    Looks like you have a great product but this video does not show it well at

  5. Well done. The addition of slide out technology is a great addition to the
    home. As a 6’4 240 lbs person, this would make the home much more
    habitable. I like the high ceilings and would probably make a couple of
    small adjustments, but overall I like this one very much. Great job!

  6. YES! Tiny Houses with Slideouts! I was wondering why nobody had made that
    before. Now we just need bigger slideouts and expandable roofs as well.

  7. Sir someone needs to film and the other show, people with motion sickness
    like myself are not able to watch this.

  8. I don’t understand why so many people cut down on how the video was taken.
    Be grateful that they did the video so you had a chance to check out how
    cool it is. I think the slide outs are a great option. These tiny houses
    are actually made to live in all year round so to you really shouldn’t have
    to worry about moving it up and the road very often. These are made for
    people who are wanting to live a more simpler life. Yes the price is a
    little high, but have you truly ever looked at how a true camper/ 5th wheel
    is actually made? If you did then you would see why there not worth the
    money they ask for them. One little water leak and they are done. But they
    are made to drive up and down the road continuously for years but you have
    to do the maintenance that is required each year before you take it out for
    the spring and put it away for the winter but even doing that they still
    aren’t worth what they cost. Now this little home is a great place to live
    and to live simple. I think you did a great job and thank you for letting
    me be able to enjoy your work. God bless.

  9. perfect little house for older folks who need everything on one level. good
    use of space and quality fittings. price? yeah yeah your camera work could
    improve but i could see how cool it is. best of luck for you with these

  10. The layout of unit is not bad but recording so terrible, I got stomach sick
    after watching this video, not too many cameramen have good recordings
    (narrow view/shaking camera/aiming so close…). My opinion, first just
    give general room view first then introduce details later with slow/smooth
    angle movement camera (no need to talk yet), don’t just jump right in give
    detail right away because it is hard to picturize the whole room layout of
    the room because camera is only aiming broken bit by bit views.

  11. My husband and I are older. How would we climb in and out of that bed? You
    would have to crawl in and out. Not good for older people. The rest is nice

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