1. Yes, the best tiny house I’ve seen on Youtube its tiny but actually looks
    comfy, practical and functional. Doesn’t feel like its missing anything
    like some of the others.

  2. Phil, Damn, man. You guys a reliving it up! Congrats on a great tiny house.
    However, I wanted to see the rest of the bedrooms. Your video cuts off
    right as you show your bedroom. You never got to show the kids bedroom. I’m
    dying to see the entire 2nd floor. Please post another video. Cheers, my

  3. While personally I wouldn’t consider this to be a “tiny” house, it is a
    very nice small house. As long as it suits you and your family’s needs then
    I say more power to you. Looking forward to seeing your future videos.

  4. love the way the dog appears to model/ demonstrate the bed when u mention
    it, kind of wags its tail as if to say “all of this is mine!”.

  5. i enjoyed watching this. thank you for psoting this. now because of you i
    have a better idea of how im going to do my add on to my house. i like how
    your house is designed. very nice and spacy.

  6. Take heed from a New York girl….Clothes cause Hoarding be mindful of how
    much. Especially boots. Snow storm 96 and it almost spilled out of my
    closet and we were in a apartment that held 4 with 5 closets! OMG it was
    nutty we had to clean our closets every 3years.

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  8. Great job Phil. Like many others have said, that’s the best thought out and
    built mini I have seen. Great work and thank you for sharing.

  9. So many designs try to cram a big house into a small space. To save space,
    avoid built-ins and try radiant floor heat. Try a single-bowl,
    standard-sized kitchen sink. Try an under-counter kitchen with 24″
    appliances. Then span windows across the entire counter area. Store
    clothing and kitchen items in pull-out baskets beneath furniture. Hang
    coats on a hook. Convert all media to a handheld computer.

  10. It is almost the size of a 2 bedroom mobile home, only the bedrooms are
    upstairs. I like the way it is layed out with the wood stove in the center
    of the home, heats all of it, including the two bedrooms.

  11. Your kitchen plan is BRILLIANT. Instead of having a big area on one side,
    you have divided into two narrow sections on either sides – that makes the
    space seem open and large; plus I suppose it facilitates easy movement
    within the house. Good thinking !!

  12. What a great design! I love it and a dog and a cat too! Too cool! Dang it’s
    cold where you are though, 47 below?! No way! I’m in sunny Florida. I don’t
    think I could do it but you look blissfully happy!

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