Tiny House Makes Simple Living Easy

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This 20′ tiny house “Escape Vista” most likely has more windows than any other we’ve seen. This tiny home as you’ll see in video has been very thought out and has clean finishings and layout.

“Vista is an escape that is both sheltering and directly connected to nature. Craftsmanship is everywhere in quiet, clean, open design. Vista is perfect for a guest house, inspiring or for an AirBnB or rental space.”

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  1. I lived in a 28 foot goose neck once, 3 whole months. It’s looked in great shape, thought no leaks in roof since viewed it during heavy rainstorm, was wrong, tons of windows all around. Windows, even double-pane look nice but still let in more heat and cold than a well insulted wall. Even with excellent working propane ac/heat plus electric heater, I froze in just 35 degree weather. Got out quick as I have severe arthritis. People love all those window cause they think it makes space feel less cramped. Look, it’s a small space, deal with it or don’t buy it. Windows will not help, especially at night when dark. Takes a certain person who likes small spaces to live in these tiny houses, not everyone is physically or mentally suited to this kind of life (psychotherapist, M.Ed. – lots of interesting psychological aspects to living tiny- I base this on much more experience than just 3 months in a goose neck, LOL)). And since most tiny homes are built to travel or just moved from one spot to another, remember, rocks and windows don’t mix. Can you imagine the cost of replacing just one DOUBLE-PANE window in this unit??!! And sleeping surrounded by those huge windows around the bed means some degree of heat or cold to deal with in any extreme weather location thus limiting travel or fixed dwelling. So many tiny house builders put in lots of windows, just like RV builders, as a draw to entice potential customers to overcome their fears of tiny spaces and living tiny rather than true the experience of living in a tiny house. There is a lot more involved to living tiny (I’m not afraid to say “tiny” – tiny, tiny, tiny – see not so scary) than building and selling. And no matter how nice the tiny house may look, do your HOMEWORK not just on the builder, their feedback, comments but also what experienced tiny house people say. Learn the good, the bad and the ugly before you decide what to do. For example: I see Nature’s Head Compost Toilets” in most of the tiny houses for sale and already lived in. I thought, “Mmmm, lots of people say they like them so maybe they are OK.” That was until I watched an actual YouTube video of a woman cleaning out her toilet. Nope, I decided, not so great after all! It’s not so simple to live “simple”, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

  2. the best designed, cleanest architectural, well-crafted tiny house i’ve seen yet… it’s not a white or monotone wood-everywhere interior. clever use of different wood tones inside and out, the craftsmanship of the interior is top shelf. because of the panoramic windows it looks so mch more spacious inside. your outside deck is clean and clever… just missing a canopy for the scorching desert sun!

  3. Too many windows for such a tiny house. It’s basically a glass box. I’ve never seen a doorbell in a tiny house…as if you won’t see someone at your house. The hidden tv is the best idea in the house. Everyone raving about the toilet: your human waste should NOT be wrapped in foil and sealed in a plastic bag to be left to pollute our planet!!! Shameful.??

  4. Where does your wife sit??? And if you have build in blinds in the front door what about all the other huge windows ??? I don’t see curtains or anything 

  5. Super simple…and super tiny…..the way things should be for one/two people…now that American life and possibly life about the world is now unsustainable income wise and space wise.


  6. go away welcome matt u been bothering them a lot or someone? lol Hey, Hawaii needs them bad! with the volcano

  7. Interesting. I like the dry flush toilet..never seen one of those before. Its still not biodegradable Its good for one person but I don’t know about two people its too small for me and would give me claustrophobia.

  8. I live in NYC. If this house was three feet wider, longer and taller, it would be rented for a few thousand a month as a Garden Apartment, in Brooklyn! I’m not joking. Bravo! I’d add a canvas deck cover but I’d love one styled like this for myself. It’s clean, comfortable and looks easy as long as you don’t have a ton of stuff. Thank you for sharing. Please, if you have time, shoot another one into add to this vid made of still photos? It would help to really get the depth and ambiance of the place. Thanks again.

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