Tiny House Moving Problems: We Barely Made it!

I moved my Tiny from a mountain in Oregon to an island in Washington via a ferry and a VERY steep gravel hill. Trouble along the way!

OPENING DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed

Peter Kuli | Track: “Love It”
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/peterkuli
Album: https://fanlink.to/lust



  1. We just stayed in the Scarlet tiny house almost two weeks ago in Mt hood Welches! We thought we saw your tiny house there! Awesome. -Milo

  2. Can u make a video of the overview where your tiny now is. Maybe with a drone to see the island and the spot between the trees. That would be great.

  3. Watching this makes me so glad our tiny house is “permanent”, we would have to get special trailer brought out to move it. I think it will be staying right where it is for a long time. Too much stress!

  4. Very cool….. So glad all ended up working out to move your little home. I’m looking forward to seeing more videos of your new location now.

    I am missing your old theme song tho.

  5. I’ve been on that ferry before. Welcome to Washington! Home of high taxes and low barometric pressure! Whibey Island is a little slice of coastal Maine right on the Puget sound. Best wishes to your new digs, neighbor!

  6. When you do leave that spot, be careful. you’ll probably want to use two vehicles again, maybe one in front and one behind it to keep it from swinging sideways.

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