Tiny House on Wheels Has a Fully Screened In Porch!

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Deek’s HANDS-ON Tiny House and Tree House Workshops HERE:

In this lil’ episode, Derek “Derek” Diedricksen (while a keynote speaker at the Tiny House NC Street Festival in Pink Hill, NC (put on by Andrew Odom)), visits a tiny house built and designed by “Perch And Nest”. This particular 36′ long not only has a gorgeous kitchen with a vintage-looking fridge, but a separate bedroom for children, two lofts, and a rather large, fully-screened-in, porch.


  1. It’s easy to see why Tiny Houses have become a Big Thing… The potential for creativity is limitless!!

  2. the staged homes are NOT as impressive as seeing the homes introduced by the OWNERS who live there. πŸ‘Ž

    • And I like the fact that the stairs are on the back wall … Makes for a unique layout … Peacec Deek always awesome vids bro

    • Love it I am thinking about going tiny house route my self for my family just one that is not on wheels

  3. I’ve had the privilege of touring this home, twice, and talking with the owners. They are awesome folks who are as warm and welcoming as their home. I saw this one for the first time at last year’s festival in Pink Hill. That’s when I found out they are right in my home town! I still haven’t made it by the farm but I swear I’m going to one of these days! LOL Who knows, maybe I’ll make it by when Tiny X is there too!

  4. Watch HGTV/Tiny House Big Living, check other YouTube sites. There are travel restrictions in so far as Height, Width, and size. My mother lived in an RV full time for 25 years. Tiny Homes are much like the RV, but built Much Better.

    Look, the “Tiny” life is not for everyone. Just keep an open mind about it.

  5. Beautiful and well thought out single wide. This is no tiny house, it’s a single wide that would be the Fancy neighbor in a proper trailer court. Not tiny.

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