Tiny house on wheels, The Ébène II

A version of our first Ébène! Phil goes deep into details on different aspect of this house! This house is not on our website for now but you can contact us for more info or go on the Ébène web page 🙂 https://minimalistehouses.com/en/tiny-houses/ebene/


  1. I’d put a retractable ladder in the loft floor instead of one you must move around.
    Also higher the roof over both loft areas.(pop ups) but very well built ones.

  2. looks great , the only thing i would change is the white color inside , i would choose a gray maybe a light gray or some other not so white 😀

  3. 10,5 feet wide?? That’s over 3 meters, isn’t the width limit 2,5 meters for driving on like a normal road?

  4. When I finally convince my family to go tiny, I’m only suggesting minimaliste. I have been following this channel since the beginning and love your evolution as a company and the quality of your standards. I would love to see an upgraded Le Sakura. Looking forward to viewing your next build.

  5. Hello Phil great job like allways and to the team wonderful job I love al your guys tinyhouses you had such a great charm one day you guy’s will built my tinyhouse lot’s of love from California CANA ROCKS???????????????

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