Tiny house on wheels: The Magnolia

Hello! We are so happy to be able to make a living from our dream of designing and building tiny houses on wheels. This is the Magnolia! a 36 ft x 10,5 model inspired mostly by the Laurier and the Ébène design! If you want to know more about PRICING or anything on this , visit our website! You can also contact us and get a quote for a custom project directly on our website.

Big up to 35mmproductions for the amazing video! Check out their website at

Magnolia’s webpage right here: https://minimalistehouses.com/projects/tiny-houses-on-wheels/magnolia/


  1. great Video and great house, personally, i would replace the big Windows in the Living area with a bit smaller ones and place two additional Cabinets left and Right to make better use of the space, it would still look open, since there is no loft above. Also, i wouldn’t place a TV in the Living, instead a shelf for additional clothing storage.

  2. J’adore cette nouvelle tiny house, un bon mélange entre l’Ebène et la Lilas! Le résultat est toujours haut de gamme comme d’habitude, et surtout ce nouveau format de vidéo est top! Le son est meilleur et c’est sympa de voir toute l’équipe présenter la maison. Beau travail!

  3. Gave up my hope on living in a house on wheels. So many regulations in the US thanks to the fact that there’re too many hypocrites. Ironically, Republicans want to get rid of all the regulations in business but add more (& more) in school and housing. It is really counter-productive and non-progressive. Human being are bound to be extinct.. so whatever.

  4. Stunning AND beautiful. Two questions:

    1. The Magnolia webpage says it is 10.5′ x 36.5′ on the left side, but 10.5 x 34.5 in the first paragraph. Which is it?

    2. The Magnolia = 425 sq ft. The Ebene = 10.5 x 34 and 475 sq ft according to the Ebene video. How is the Ebene shorter in length but larger in sq ft??

  5. I love the house but I had a hard time watching after the intro. The spinning screen made me so nauseous. I can barely think of what to write because I feel dizzy and sick. Maybe a warning for people with vertigo or who are susceptible to nausea from effects in videos. Thanks

  6. Can this be towed with a truck? This model is what I’ve been looking for! It’ll be quite awhile before i order one, because i got to save my money for this beauty!!! You guys keep building more and more beautiful tiny homes. I keep thinking to myself, “I don’t think they can beat this tiny house with the next one…” and yet you guys do each and every time!!! So excited for your next builds!!! 😊😊😊😊

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