Tiny house on wheels, The Thuya

The Thuya is a 10,5ft x 28ft , 4 seasons (like every house we build) build for our clients, a couple living on Mayne Island BC. This won’t be on our website so contact us in the contact or quote section if you have any questions!

WEBSITE: www.minimalistehouses.com


  1. put a exhaust fan in the kitty litter box area damm maybe a slide out shelve so it dont mess up the floor, and a kitty door

  2. make the kitchen a bit shorter so the bed room has more head room dam, or make the ceiling a pop- up, come on i know ya nooks can make it so

  3. I Am in love with this tiny house design. The only thing I might Change is the bedroom height. Is it possible to raise the roof slightly? How about a VA delivery?

  4. What was the total price for this house? I may have missed it, but its probably the most important detail I’ve been looking in your videos. Much love from Toronto!

  5. Another slick tiny house. No eyesore. I’m a big fan of your work, guys. Simple, aesthetic, practical, ingenious … Keep up the good work.

  6. With the spice rack you should say that what you did is one of your innovative solutions you have come up with to uses other wise unusable space. When you made the statement it sounds like “oh well this is what we had to do.” I think it is a great idea to a situation that all movable Tiny Homes have to deal with good job.

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