Tiny House retirement in a cozy Tiny House Village – one story design

During retirement, Ken and Laurel downsized into a custom built house in Escalante Tiny House Village to embrace community and enjoy the freedom of living.





Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader

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0:00 On this week's episode…
0:56 Meet Ken and Laurel, tiny house owners
1:11 Motivation to move into a tiny house
1:42 Cost of the
2:05 Living in the house for three years
2:10 This tiny house is parked in Escalante Tiny House Village
2:32 house
3:31 Garden space
4:08 Heating and cooling the
4:52 /
5:30 Let's inside!
6:14 The Great
7:44 tour
11:41 Bedroom – not a !
13:24 The freedom of downsizing
13:57 Until next time…


  1. Love the house. I have to say though, I live in a mobile home park and our houses are not placed that close together. I wonder why they put them so close? I’d be to close for comfort with it like that.

  2. It’s a beautiful home and I love all their artwork. The patio looks lovely and private too, but I wonder why the tiny homes have to be so close together. Also, I don’t get why propane fuel is the only option given what they’re saying now about the health and environmental consequences of using gas over electric. I myself have a gas stove, so I can’t really talk, but it would be nice to have the option to choose electric appliances. Thanks so much for another great video on tiny home life.

  3. I like the bedroom, the way he made a queen fit and to still have walk-around room! So did the place cost $105k (which includes the deck?) The more I watch tiny home videos, the more ideas to make one cozier and more accessible. Nice place!

  4. Super nice, spacious kitchen – something that is usually lacking in tiny homes. The living room is a little cramped, but my guess is that they do not live here full time. It’s a lovely tiny home, but investing $120k I would prefer not to live in such a tight parking space on a concrete slab. But I’m sure they are loving living tiny ♥

  5. This couple spent a fortune on their house, but yet their living room is so cramped and cannot accommodate a couch, and then, that shelf in the bedroom, taken from the bathroom, looks like a cluttered nightmare, and they even have stacks of shoes piled up, @ eye level behind the TV, and tiny living doesn’t mean squirreling your belongings everywhere, in view of yourself and others. Also, I concur with others, that it looks like they’re living in a parking lot, but to each his own, and as long as they are happy, that’s all that matters.

  6. That extra two feet of width elevates the home to the proportions of a “regular home” and keeps it from looking like a long hallway. In the video, this showed the most in the kitchen. What a lovely home! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Very nice house! The 10’ makes all the difference. Impressive art all around, but the glass collection is superb! And the frontdoor window is smart, but also really beautiful.

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