Tiny House That Sleeps 4! | Airbnb Tiny Home Tour!

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This is seriously an insane tiny home. Who would of thought a tiny can sleep 4 people?!

Levi Kelly
P.O. Box 389
Chillicothe, OH, 45601

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Tiny builder – https://truformtiny.com

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  1. There is nothing called as white wood. Its ship lap or wood with white paint. I have never seen white wood in my life and this certainly isnt white wood.

  2. that master bedroom it so cozy! i’ve watched a lot of tiny house, but i never see this one. They build the bedroom next on the living room, and it so comfortable and unique! i love it!

  3. Gr8 looking get away, and very tastefully done commentary. You put enthusiasm into all your work and it makes buyers or renters trusting in what you are representing ! Good job man,keep making more !!

  4. This tiny house is beautiful and I wish I had the same house. Now I have a vacant lot of land that has not been built yet, please show me where I can order a similar house. Thank you.

  5. Farm sink Levi. 🙂 Gorgeous tiny house. I love that bed nook. It might be called a “Dutch Bed” not sure.

  6. You say it has everything, and that its special to have that much stuff in a tiny house. But there is one major thing missing… there is no oven.

  7. Good job, but don’t say “whenever” in situations where the correct word is “when”. EG, If you want to say “when you walk up to the house”, you can’t say “whenever you walk up to the house”. It’s a completely different meaning, so renders your observation nonsensical.

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