1. Love all of your videos. I’m working on a tiny a frame camper with a porch that’ll fit my home made tiny picnic tables on it.

  2. Thanks Deek, it’s good to know from an expert what to do and not to do when it comes to tiny homes. If I ever build one someday I will keep this in mind…..😄

  3. Love the hair cut it looks good on you. I don’t say much but I have seen just about all your videos. Waiting to see you in Texas

  4. It’s so easy to get carried away in the planning stage and then when you do the work, you wish you’d have done it the simple way. It applies even more to someone building their own larger house, but any living space is going to be a lot of work. If you want to get novel, do an art piece.

  5. Hey Deek just curious if you had any idea if Sage still lives in his gypsy wagon? I rewatched that video the other day and just though a follow up would be cool.

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