TINY HOUSE TOUR, Decor Update + an UNHaul!

Come along with me while I tour houses, share a few updates, and a little closet purge! 💕

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  1. i like your ideas already to your glam room. everything seems functional the way you have it with the exception of the amsterdam and other poster. You have it right lady!

  2. Suggestion for the room…. I would use the hats on that wall where the pics are and add a bench with nice pillows and some square containers underneath for storage.

  3. Keep the posters and put a colored frame around them and maybe it could match the bench and a rug under your makeup chair or a blanket for your chair to bring pops of color

  4. You’re a beautiful intelligent woman’s and I appreciate the gems shared. However, rice water is a no, no for me. Every person I know that did it had extreme breakage in the same spot in the back. Also heat is not the enemy it’s mechanical damage too much of anything is not good. I’m not going to preach you. We can do the research and make our own decisions. I blow dry & lightly straighten my hair when my ends are trimmed.
    The tiny houses are very interesting, it amazes me how everything is downsized to practical space.
    ●these are my opinions●

  5. Add plants and a few accents to your glam room and congrats on the Tiny house journey and letting go of things that no longer serve you

  6. Your makeup looks flawless ❤️ I like the brown color lip over the red… You are so beautiful and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

  7. A tiny home is an option I’ve thought about in recent years. It’s definitely a good idea if you are a minimalist, single, and love alone time. Truthfully if you’ve lived in a small apt before and were fine you can do a tiny home. Anyone looking to purchase should double check with their town/locales before doing so bc all zoning laws, etc have not caught up yet with modern creations.

  8. I Love #2. The others were nice just not my style. The lofts were closest phobic😂. Great plan, nice twist to life. No one has to be traditional, do what makes you Happy 😊.

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