Tiny House Tour of our model the Passage our economical tiny home for sale

Titan Tiny Homes has the most affordable in the United States.
This is something we have been working on at Titan for a number of months to help with the affordable housing crisis our country is faced with.


  1. So do you have to be super man to get up in the loft? You can tell no woman help design this tiny house. Hate the two tone siding. When you set in the loft how about sitting on the mattress then sit up. You won’t have near the head space. To have so much wood makes the house look like it is closing in, I don’t know where you thought it was airy. What about that ridiculous refrigerator, Can you get a smaller one I don’t think you have space for the one you put in the kitchen. Then the aluminum siding in the shower unless the bottom is sealed talk about mildew. And it is cheap looking. I think you guys missed the mark on this one.

  2. Your steel and MIP framed models are one of the strongest, light weight and durable options available in the market but you guys seriously need to hire a good designer because your interiors need a lot of work…

    I know this is suppose to be a budget model, wood framed, etc. but you didn’t even include a vent in the bathroom or emergency egress point in the loft, unless shoving the AC out and diving through the hole is the plan?

    And are you going to include a ladder at least for the loft?

    What are you going to do when Tiny Houses become more legal and you start to need to follow the newer building codes, which require things like having a sprinkler system in all new buildings?

    That kitchen layout is just so inefficient as well, someone can actually hurt themselves with the position you put the convection microwave oven by needing to twist and lean over each time they need to reach into it and deal with hot food, etc.

    While where is the storage? Having a full couch is nice but people need storage even more than they need sitting space…

    You could also save quite a bit in the budget with better designs that don’t waste so much space and resources…

  3. The outside looks Great, Inside needs some style changes. 1- a little bit wider for those who only want to move this once or twice. 2- enclose that area of the deck but have it fold out on the sides for additional deck area. 3-put this on a gooseneck trailer. 4- increase the size of the fridge and the area of the kitchen and bathroom. 5 – put a bed in the goose neck area. 6- put in skylights. 7- have the option to put in a tiny wood stove. 8 – put in an air exchanger. 9 – mention the options like off grid capabilities to be added. All of these items with greatly increase the size and price but from a quality builder like yourself, it should last a lifetime. 10 – Keep on building great looking tiny efficient homes. P.S. Thanks for posting.

  4. A Tiny House builder that’s paying attention and offering simpler options that can be built upon. Great job guys!

    I love the work you do! This is a really great “Starter Tiny” that could be lived in as is (psst, just add the window in the loft!), or for DIYers like me that can jump in and add simple things on their own, like the ladder, or a Tansu storage stair, main level built in sofa bed. They can do their own personalizing and save money.

    I hope to see some of your work at some Tiny House Festivals in the northeast in the future. ✌️

  5. Good video, I like the narrator but that loft looks dangerous to me. No windows, no egress and it’s gonna get hot up there pretty fast.

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