Tiny House Tour that Houses Family of Four

A tour of our tiny house. on Tumbleweed rules, we purchased this 272 ft house already developed, then hauled it throughout the and it in a backyard. We purchased it totally functional but also very bare bones. We did major remodels to go well with our personalities and wishes. We have loved residing in our home the last year and a half however the current fourth edition to our family is making it really feel even more crowded. We might be moving quickly. you enjoy!


  1. trying to put 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag…kitchen sucks no burner
    top who cares about baked pies..the closet space is so selfish of you…

  2. You may find the dickenson heater would work much better if it was
    relocated at floor level. Heat rises etc. And take no notice of the rude
    people commenting. They’ve missed the point and are just jealous. Ok maybe
    the wardrobe IS a bit unequal 🙂 

  3. Wow I really love your tiny house, so homey….where are you going to go
    after this? What do you miss from a big house?

  4. Holy crap, that is way too much shit for that little of space! You all
    seriously need to have a yard sale!

  5. I live in 2,100 under A/C home and we are a family of four. I hate every
    inch of it. We had it built. I live in my “dream” home and it sucks. I
    never see anyone because my wife is in the office, the kids have more then
    enough toys that they never come out of their rooms. I’m done with it all
    and am going to build a “tiny” home on a goose neck trailer. So we can
    spend more time together and live life. Not work to pay for a $300,000.00
    hell hole.

  6. I have been looking for a tiny house representation for a family. I do
    think their house could have been better presented if they wanted to be
    pretentious. With two same gender children a tiny house for 4 would be fine
    (for us anyway). What I am seeking is a way to put sleeping quarters in a
    tiny house where I can stand up. I am claustrophobic and wake screaming in
    the middle of the night if it’s too tight a space (not a pretty sight) …
    Thank you for sharing. I have got a few tips here and will search on for
    others. PS Found a toilet called an incinolet toilet and it uses
    electricity to burn waste and leaves nothing but a small amount of ash …
    hope you find a house you are looking for.

  7. That closet could have been another room, or made a bigger living room.
    Then you could have room for a TV! That house is good for 1 person, not 3
    or 4.

  8. The problem with the heater that does not work adequately is because it is
    to high up. It should be at floor level, for a better spread of heat. 

  9. how much did it cost to transport it?

    I realise everyone’s needs are different.. but I find it amusing that you
    have a composting toilet (which I can understand if you are not hooked up
    to the system permanently) and you are really decked out electrocity wise
    with a lot of media and tech as well as a full tub. Do you collect your
    gray water?….how are you hooked up for water and electriicty?

  10. Hey Swiss guy, your post saying that ‘we Americans have finally learned to
    live with less’, based on this video (as charming as it is), is very
    telling as to how little you understand about our magnificent nation.
    Having lived throughout Western Europe for several years it was my
    experience that a lot of Europeans, primarily less educated people, get
    their ideas about what it’s like in the US from our films and television!
    That would be a serious mistake. Even a 2 wk holiday, visiting anyplace,
    will not give you a realistic, accurate picture of what life is really
    like, particularly in a country as vast as the USA. Certainly viewing
    videos on You Tube, particularly if you’re not that bright or
    sophisticated, won’t fill you in very comprehensively either. To you I
    would say: stop being such a jealous bitch and go eat some cheese or
    something. I heard all you guys do is eat cheese, right?

  11. Could be he was referring to the ridiculous amounts of useless shit that
    many of us have packed into our over-sized, over-stuffed houses.

  12. These thing don’t weigh the same as a car. Most of them are pretty heavy.
    And they’re not usually tall, which helps.

  13. I don’t understand when people make homes too small for no real purpose.
    If you have this much stuff, just get a slightly bigger house. I feel
    like this house is small just for the sake of being small. True minimalism
    is having exactly what you need and nothing else.

  14. Comments to this are hysterical!!! I love how upset people are at this
    sweet little video. People are insane hahahaha!!!!!

  15. Cute little home. I like the movie screen idea. There are a few things that
    ‘I’ would change. Husband doesn’t have that many clothes, so I’d just put
    them in with the wife’s. Then that ‘closet’ could be used as a pantry…
    OR give a little more room for a conventional ‘apartment’ sized cook
    stove. The radiator heater is what I used to heat my rooms. $100 + a month
    for that small area seems steep to me. I have a larger home and that is all
    I pay for utilities. But then I’m stingy. ALSO.. during the winter months
    hanging insulated curtains over the windows and glass doors will help keep
    the heat in. Even if you have those modern insulated windows, the curtains
    still help. Although you’ve probably moved by now, it’s still something to
    keep in mind. I enjoy looking outside my windows, but I hate paying high
    utilities. So, I bundle up and go outside, then go back into a cozy (not
    over heated) home. (which is pretty well insulated, too.) I would love to
    see what you have moved into now.

  16. Makes me appreciate my 1,000 square foot house. And here I was thinking it
    was tiny! And everything about the house in this video was cute until she
    got to the compost toilet. I draw the line there. I live in America. We
    have flushing toilets.

  17. Nice to see a critique of both the joys/value of living in a ‘tiny house’
    as well as some of the potential ‘discomforts’.

  18. cozy home, I’ve been researching the pro’s and cons on tiny house living
    and really appreciate you’re honest video. Like how certain things like
    compost toilets are a pain! That is one thing I don’t feel comfy dealing
    with. Thanks for sharing your home and congrats on the new baby!

  19. this is maybe my favourite tiny house I’ve seen yet! I love how the kitchen
    and living room are open and connected and the bathroom/closet space is so
    quaint! I really really adore the stain-glass windows as well. It is such a
    shame your family has to move, but I’m sure this home will go on to another
    deserving family.

  20. What’s the R-value (insulation) of your walls and roof?

    It sounds like you could use better insulation. I plan to spend more up
    front, if I build a tiny house, to make sure I have great insulation to
    save on energy costs in the long run. 

  21. got to be honest, I started feeling claustrophobic just watching this video
    with how closed in the lofts are, also would it really be so hard to add a
    second induction top, some meals just need 2 burners to do, I can get by
    with a toaster oven for baking (hell I do that now in my normal sized

    Does question the insulation in the thing if that heater runs that much.

  22. The heater is NOT efficient. You need to maximize your heating potential by
    using standard iron stove with fan or water and radiator heating. Its

  23. Wait people pay Tumbleweed $57,000 or more for a tiny house with a front
    door opens inwards instead of out-wards? Not even 5,000 square ft. houses
    have front doors that open inwards and the reason is it’s a waste of living
    space. If you want it done right I guess you have to do it yourself . . .

  24. The lack of basic civility demonstrated in many of the post here is really
    discouraging. Is an online persona a license to be rude? Are you so
    tormented that you can’t keep from spewing your hateful comments on the
    rest of us? Mean people SUCK! 

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