Tiny House Tour: The Lucky Penny

Boasting a whopping 100.3 , the Lucky Penny shines with character and originality. Currently, Lina uses the toilet and shower in the house on the property while her tiny is being finished. Want to learn more about this community? Check back soon for our next !

Lina's tiny house blog: http://thisisthelittlelife.com/
Lina's tiny house design services: http://www.nichedesignbuild.com/


  1. +gotbletu I have some shades for the skylights which I plan to install soon
    which will help to keep the house from getting too hot during the summer.

  2. +Farmitecture Thanks! We’ve already traveled the East Coast and made a few
    tiny house tours there. But we really started focusing on those tours once
    we were in North Carolina, so we have a couple from there, then South and

  3. +Alberto Maximilian Funny you should ask because I actually don’t use all
    my storage. Seeking a housemate! Just kidding. But I like having a place
    for everything and everything in its place so it’s nice to have lots of
    little nooks and crannies to tuck everything!

  4. I mean another point of going Tiny House is to downsize right. I do
    understand we need to be a little smart about the storage space but we must
    not also turn every corner another potential storage space. Now as a man
    that differs because I don’t really have that much stuff to store compare
    to what women have.

  5. +kiwifashion Her bathroom wasn’t completely done when we visited, but she
    has plans for a composting toilet there. Until then she just uses the main

  6. +Orson Durkin lol tht was for fhe cat litter tray … l meant the human
    toilet and l have had a reply to that and the bathroom is still in progress
    … cheers

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