Tiny House Tour: #TinyLab, the Tesla of Tiny Houses

Take a of the #TinyLab, built and lived in by Grace and Corbett Lunsford, and an example of high performance building for homes of all sizes and shapes. See how the Tour teaches homeowners to control , pressure imbalances, air quality, moisture, comfort, and durability. Learn more at: http://ProofisPossible.com


  1. I don’t normally comment on videos but I really appreciate the hundreds and
    hundreds of hours of mere thought that went into every square inch of the
    design and the tens of thousands of hours of expertise that was brought to
    bear when making this tiny house. A tiny tour of the future present of fine
    home building that every one should watch, whether they’re interested in
    tiny homes or not. Question: is there any extra craziness happening in that
    cat litter housing or does a housing/proper placement/ventilation strategy
    really conceal the smell of a two kitty cat litter box?

  2. Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive video about your building and
    living experience. I have to echo Shane’s comments and hope to see you
    sometime in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  3. I love the real data used to inform the building of the lab. Amazing work
    you guys! I have not been following the tiny house movement until now.
    Sadly i should have because your knowledge would have been so helpful. I
    built a tiny home tree house in my backyard. It’s called the Fir Grove Tree
    House as it is suspended in a grove of 5 fir trees. Designing a suspension
    system that will hold up a 18,000 lb tiny home and allow 5 fir trees to
    grow and move independently in 80mph wind presented its own set of
    challenges. But it came out well for a DIY project. Here is a video i did
    of it. The camera work sucks, but I think you will get the idea.

  4. Wow and thank you so much for posting this. My wife and I are moving from
    Sweden to Florida and we are planning on owning a tiny home. And this video
    has helped answered some important questions. Thank you again and you have
    a new subscriber. =)

  5. I love that y’all put the dining room above the bed. It’s a great idea.
    Can you elaborate more on air sealing, and what you did specifically?

  6. This design is perfect for people with chronic illnesses like MCS, ME, CFS
    and fibromyalgia. I hope you make your way up to Toronto! I’d love to meet
    you and tour your brilliant house in person! :)

  7. you can always tell a parent…he gave us brief, complete and well-written
    comments while moving from area to area and bouncing that baby the whole

  8. just an FYI, which, I realize you may know already …. when the shoji door
    gets a tear, which it will…. be aware that the Japanese ‘heal’ their rice
    paper tears by gluing matching gingko leaves on both sides till they are
    ready to replace the paper. You might not find gingko leaves on your
    travels, but there are beautiful leaves everywhere….

  9. Wow! very educational, a lot of those “tiny” shows gloss over the
    utilities. one day I hope to have a tiny house. I want it to be like
    Benjamin Franklin’s secret mobile workshop. I’m calling the style
    “smithpunk”. kind of like steampunk but more 18th century then 19th.

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