Tiny House Transforms With The Push Of A Button

The Aurora tiny house in Calgary, Alberta is one of those tiny houses that make you go “whoa”. With two slideouts that double the overall width of the home, there’s plenty of room to more than stretch out. When completely expended, the home has over 375 square feet of living space. Crazy! And it can also be towed down the road without a permit since when contracted, the home’s width is well within the legal road limit. The home itself is beautiful along with all of the amenities and the home’s overall design. Thanks to Shannon from for the putting together the video for us. Enjoy!

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/26-long-expanding-modern-tiny-house-374sqft-main-floor-sleeping-aurora-by-zerosquared

Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com

Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: http://eepurl.com/bAcWb

Built by Zero Squared: http://zerosquared.ca


  1. So cute and functional. Where can we find both beds? Also the sink is amazing in the bathroom. Any suggestions as to where to find the washer and sink? Thanks so much!!!

  2. “and if we make out way over here..” at 1:48 .. I loooooled… as she turns around in place.. good thing her ass is flat.. fatties not applicable. 🙂

  3. Can the bed go on the center wall? It seems silly to have a window blocked during the day. If it can’t be moved, then a long skinny window above for light and privacy?

  4. Crappy Marketing 101 Pet peeve: Sell the house. Show the house. Quit chattering. Quit following the person talking. Don’t zoom in on a corner or an AC unit. The design and window placement was awkward.

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